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Choosing the right destination for your corporate retreat is crucial for its success. In this regard, Berlin is among the top cities to consider for hosting your corporate retreat. The German capital indeed has a great number of advantages to ensure your corporate retreat goes perfectly. Discover how Berlin, this modern city with a rich past, is the perfect choice for your corporate retreat.

Séminaire à Berlin

An organization facilitated by the city's geographical location.

The German capital enjoys an extremely advantageous geographical location for French companies looking to organize their corporate retreat there. Indeed, Germany is very easily accessible. Count on a journey of less than 2 hours regardless of the mode of transport used to reach Berlin. At around 2 hours flight from Paris, it is easy for us to organize your departure from Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport. The international airports in Berlin are also connected to other major French cities such as Marseille, Lyon, or Bordeaux. Therefore, companies from Marseille, Lyon, and Bordeaux, or having collaborators in these cities, requesting us to organize a corporate retreat in Europe won’t need to travel to Paris to join the German capital by plane.

2. A wide selection of establishments for your accommodation

Accommodating your team will pose no problem during your corporate retreat in Berlin as the hotel offer there is particularly abundant. Indeed, it is possible to choose both 4 or 5-star establishments and rooms in charming Berlin-style hotels if you wish to organize a team retreat for a small group. In any case, the hotel establishments we offer you have all the necessary equipment for the smooth running of your corporate retreat. To this end, they are equipped with a meeting room, practical when it comes to doing a briefing before starting the day or consulting each other in complete discretion in case of an emergency. The hotels we propose are also equipped with wifi so you can exchange emails with your collaborators or share some photos of your stay on social networks.

3. An innovative city that can inspire you

Berlin is recognized for being the capital of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. Aptly nicknamed Silicon Allee, the German capital is indeed a young and dynamic city where a startup is founded every 20 minutes. It is true that this destination benefits from an environment particularly conducive to business creation and support. Moreover, major multinationals do not hesitate to call upon more modest companies. Furthermore, Berlin has more than a hundred research centers and scientific institutions aimed at collaborating with startups. Seeking advice from these entities is also possible to inspire you with the German entrepreneurial system and adapt it to your company to boost the productivity of your collaborators.

Berlin for a corporate retreat blending modernity and nature

Berlin is among the most modern European cities. Indeed, the German capital is a key center for technology, architecture, and urban planning, as evidenced by the hundreds of skyscrapers and buildings as far as the eye can see. Thus, Berlin is the ideal city for a business trip or an urban corporate retreat close to technology. Berlin is also known for its vast green spaces. In fact, the capital has the peculiarity of being surrounded by countless forests and crossed by several watercourses. Therefore, if you are looking for a quiet place to organize your corporate retreat, it would be best to move away from the city center. In this perspective, accommodations in green settings prove to be the perfect solution for a professional stay, being away from the stress of the city’s pace.

5. A multitude of activities on the agenda

You can choose from a multitude of activities for your corporate retreat in Berlin. Indeed, the city offers leisure of all kinds, as playful as they are diverse. The first activity is to discover Berlin in trabants. These are small cars whose construction dates back to the era of the GDR. You can thus seat in one of them, in groups of no more than 3 people, to discover the main cultural sites of the German capital. Otherwise, you can express your talent by participating in creative workshops. Graffiti, screen printing, and sketching are on the agenda. If your colleagues are looking for thrills, you can choose between:

  • Virtual reality games;
  • Rappelling down;
  • An urban surfing session;
  • A session in a free-fall simulator.
Finally, if you want to discover Berlin’s gastronomy, we can organize a food tour to have your colleagues taste the city’s specialties (like currywurst for example) or organize a visit to the numerous breweries and microbreweries of the capital (including Berliner Kindl).
Whether you want a peaceful corporate retreat in nature, or a corporate trip right in the city center, Berlin will live up to your expectations. By calling on, you will have the guarantee that your corporate trip in Europe will go smoothly. So do not hesitate to contact us for a quote!

Séminaire à Berlin

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