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Are you eager to organize an authentic corporate retreat for your company? Looking for a destination between the sea and the mountains? Choose the Basque Country. We offer a tailor-made service to successfully carry out your next corporate retreat. provides the expertise of its professionals so that you can fully enjoy the charms of this beautiful region. Focus on this beautiful area.

séminaire d'entreprise dans le Pays Basque

An authentic corporate retreat that reflects your company's image.

To foster team spirit in your company, eliminate tension, stress, and other negative factors. Attract positive vibes by organizing a team retreat in the Basque Country.

Embark on a journey with your colleagues to the ocean, mountains, and unique places to breathe fresh air and build bonds. By getting away, even for a few days, your team will enjoy relaxing and recharging, ready to come back together rejuvenated.

The retreat is tailored to your needs to motivate participants and make them comfortable. It’s up to you to define the type of retreat that suits your professional activities. You can choose from:

  • A sports retreat;
  • An adventurous retreat;
  • A luxury retreat;
  • A cultural retreat;
  • A festive retreat;
  • Etc.

Regardless of your choice, fun activities will be offered based on the desired destination. The choice of accommodation and activities depends on your team’s profile. Let us know what type of place inspires you the most:

  • A chic and elegant place;
  • A rural and wooded place;
  • An unusual place;
  • A conventional place;
  • A beachfront palace;
  • Etc.

The Basque Country, the dream destination for your corporate trip

To enhance your corporate culture, visit the Basque coast with your colleagues. Its cultural richness enables a wide range of team-building activities. With your colleagues, taste wines and local specialties for a unique culinary adventure.

Discover breathtaking landscapes, deeply rooted traditions, and organize your business meetings in this slice of paradise. Explore the mysteries of the local culture and offer your team a guided tour of the Basque Country’s iconic sites. For your professional events, the Basque Country offers a variety of unique venues.

For an authentic and refreshing trip, consider renting a Basque farmhouse for your meetings. This experience will break the professional routine and re-motivate your team. To show your gratitude to long-term employees and re-energize them, opt for a seaside stay, focusing on team-building activities related to nautical adventures.

For groups of adventurers and the curious, the Basque Country is rich in undeniable natural beauty. Visit caves, museums, and Basque castles, and go hiking in the towering mountains to bond with your colleagues. Group activities enhance team cohesion. To spice up your trip, you can also engage in some Basque traditions, such as the famous dance. A team retreat in the Basque Country with equals a memorable and educational journey.

3. Introduction to surfing, the region's flagship activity

Regarding team building activities, the Basque Country has plenty to offer for relaxation and thrill-seeking. The Basque coast is famous for its incredible waves. To get your adrenaline pumping, experience surfing together, the region’s preferred sports activity.

You will be accompanied by a surf instructor to provide a quality and safe lesson. Some might swallow water, others may not stand up on the board, while the most daring athletes take on the big waves. Regardless of your team’s progress, the essential thing is to have a great time together!

Since you are at the beach, take the opportunity to have a little amateur surf contest. Share laughs by the water and play beach volleyball. If you’ve kept your childlike spirit, organize a sandcastle building contest. This activity might seem childish, but the goal remains to foster teamwork and collaboration.

Expert in creating corporate retreats, designs creative services tailored to you. These services are original and varied. From classic to unusual corporate retreats, we highlight two elements in our work: quality and professionalism.

Thanks to our network of partners, we organize corporate retreats worldwide, whether in the Basque Country, England, Warsaw, Greece, New York, etc. We go beyond borders to fulfill your desire for discovery.

Once you arrive in the Basque Country, we take care of transport, booking accommodation places, and catering. We enliven your corporate retreat with original activities to make it memorable. With a range of fun, cultural, and sports activities, we take care of everything.

Discover with your team the products and specialties of the region, the must-see places in the Basque Country. Since work cannot be neglected, we reserve meeting spaces for you to refine your professional projects. Our services are fully customizable to provide our clients with a tailor-made stay in this paradise. For a successful corporate retreat, we develop a specification sheet and follow it meticulously.

To organize your corporate retreat in the Basque Country, manages the various event parameters. A personalized corporate retreat, activities that match your team’s profile, and suited to the desired theme. Everything is organized by us for a most memorable stay. Contact us for more information.

séminaire d'entreprise dans le Pays Basque

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