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For your corporate retreat, are you looking for a joyful and trendy destination? Visit Malaga, the sunny city where good spirits and positive vibes mingle. With its extraordinary treasures and diverse activities, this coastal region of Andalusia promotes cohesion and bonding among colleagues. Not sure what to visit first? Here are some highlights in Malaga that will spice up your team building.

activités pour un séminaire à Malaga

Explore the suspension bridge of Caminito del Rey.

When it comes to “hiking in Malaga,” the Caminito del Rey often comes to mind. Why? Simply because this unique place has been considered the most dangerous trail in the world since the 1980s. If you want to experience thrilling sensations among colleagues, this activity will not disappoint you.

It’s clear that being alone above the emptiness is not at all reassuring! The Caminito del Rey site is recommended for team activities, an excellent way to create beautiful memories together. Rest assured, this activity is not risky at all. Indeed, the site is fully secured.

During your stay, we will reserve a hike of about 7 kilometers from north to south and lots of adrenaline. Experience an incredible adventure by traversing the forest trails of the site. One after another, enter the dark tunnels before walking across the famous suspension bridges of the Caminito del Rey. Thanks to this adventure, you will discover a new aspect of each of your colleagues’ personalities: who is afraid of heights, who loves the thrill, who reassures everyone, who can no longer take another step, etc.

In short, this piece of journey will be rich in anecdotes that will only bring you closer. Upon returning from your corporate trip, if a colleague doubts their abilities, remind them that if they were able to walk the most dangerous trail in the world, they are capable of overcoming a rough patch.

2. Experience a flamenco initiation, the country’s emblematic dance

The Malaga region will enchant you with its lively performances and unique culture. Take advantage of the corporate retreat to learn flamenco together, the famous dance originating from Andalusia. Talented dancers and musicians will be delighted to give you a most memorable lesson. For this unusual initiation, tap shoes, flying dresses, and many other traditional outfits are provided upon request.

Between the joy of discovery and laughter, learning the basic movements of flamenco will make for a good time among colleagues. Indeed, moving hands, or even fingers, may prove difficult at first, but in the end, your team will become a true flamenco artists troupe.

This emblematic dance will make you vibrate, move and add a new touch of madness to your next evenings among colleagues. Moreover, visit the Flamenco Art Museum to learn even more about this popular dance.

3. Immerse yourself in the country’s traditional cuisine

Cooking competitions and workshops are very popular team building activities. To spice up your corporate trip, learn to cook the famous Valencian paella as a team. Spain has plenty to amaze your taste buds throughout your corporate trip. You can even bring the paella recipe back home with you!

Divide the tasks and progress together through the stages of preparing this traditional dish. It is an excellent exercise in cohesion and team spirit. To prepare the Valencian paella, shop for rice, vegetables, meat, and spices. Prepare the equipment, and then to your aprons!

To make your dish delicious, do not hesitate to ask for tips from the chef who accompanies you or directly from the locals during your shopping. Once cooked, enjoy the fruit of your labor together. However, if you want to add some spice to your culinary workshop, divide into several teams and hold a timed cooking competition.

4. Behold art in all its glory

Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is renowned for its cultural richness and iconic art places. During your offsite, visit the famous Picasso Museum with your colleagues and discover a whole collection of unique works of art.

With an expert guide, visit the Alcazaba, the palace-fortress inspired by Arab tradition. Enjoy together the exceptional panorama and immortalize the unique beauty of the architecture from that era. Take the opportunity to discover the Roman Theater of Malaga and let the art intoxicate you. Malaga has more surprises in store.

During your guided tours, explore the “La Concepción” Historical Botanical Garden and make beautiful discoveries with your colleagues. Share strong moments admiring the different plant species, the magnificent fountains, and waterfalls of the site. So many wonders that deserve to be discovered as a team! In short, Malaga is a true mine of art for a cultural discovery team building. Your team will come back more united.

5. A foray into the water to conclude in style

Since you’re hitting the sea, make a detour to the beautiful beaches of Malaga for some relaxation. Forget problems and stress, and enjoy the 14 kilometers of city beach for a beautiful sunny day. Play beach volleyball as a team, organize a sandcastle competition or other beach activities. The atmosphere is conducive to relaxation, joy, and good humor. Malaga is a land of unique adventures and a wide range of activities await you.

Interested in sampling Malaga’s cultural beauty for your next corporate retreat? Contact, and we will be delighted to create a personalized package for your team. Request a quote now!

activités pour un séminaire à Malaga

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