Samuel Krief 04.04.2024 Team Building Trip To Madrid

Many companies are facing increasingly tough competition in recent years. Therefore, they must be able to rely on motivated employees who are aligned with the collective goals of the staff and the company. In this light, implementing a corporate retreat can ensure their cohesion, help them focus on these goals, or even strengthen their sense of belonging to the company. Our company specializes in organizing team retreats, and we are capable of offering a multitude of activities that are in complete harmony with the objectives of the event. And as a setting for your offsite, why not opt for Madrid? The Spanish capital is full of suitable places for their realization and offers an ideal backdrop for your employees to have fun. Discover our team building activity proposals in Madrid.

Hot air balloon flight

When organizing a team retreat, know that the most unusual activities are the most successful among participants! That’s why we invite you to consider a hot air balloon flight over Castile as part of your team retreat program in Madrid. It is a unique experience that will strengthen the bonds between your colleagues. Generally, the flight conditions are more favorable in the morning. You will need to leave the capital at dawn to reach the launch site where the pilot will be waiting. He will take the opportunity to give participants some safety instructions. Once the balloon is inflated, you will climb into the basket, 8 or 9 at a time. Then, it’s takeoff, gently rising into the sky. The panorama of the Madrid countryside and the Sierra de Guadarrama is simply magnificent. Your colleagues will live a unique experience during this hour’s flight and will keep many memories. Moreover, upon their return to solid ground, they will receive a souvenir photo with the pilots and a toast with cava.

If you are looking for activities for your team retreat in Madrid, we invite you to follow the wine route in the footsteps of the famous Don Quixote. This activity takes place in Castilla-La Mancha, south of the Spanish capital. It is not only the homeland of Don Quixote but also a renowned wine region. It’s an opportunity for participants to dive into the past and explore the plains where he rode with Sancho Panza. They can then visit a winery and stroll through the vineyards before visiting the cellars. To extend this moment of joy and relaxation, they are treated to a tasting of the best wines of the house, sheltered from the sun under a pergola. Then, they can visit the region and discover the villages of El Toboso and Mota del Cuervo, not to mention the famous windmills of Consuegra that Don Quixote thought were giants. To spice up this experience, you can distribute a questionnaire on Cervantes and his works to assess each person’s ability to remember what they have seen and experienced.

A team retreat in Madrid can also aim to reveal the hidden talents among your colleagues and instill a team spirit. With this in mind, we offer a culinary workshop supervised by a professional chef. Participants are divided into several groups, and each selects a team leader. The goal of the activity is to prepare dishes from the provided ingredients and utensils within a set time. Not only does this activity allow participants to show their creativity, but it also their ability to work as a team. And for the person designated as team leader, the challenge is to know how to motivate their team, coordinate everyone’s actions, distribute tasks, etc. As you can see, this team retreat activity in Madrid will truly benefit your company and even allow you to identify those with leadership talents in your team.

4. "Koh Lanta" style survival challenge

Among the team building activities in Madrid that we offer, there are survival challenges inspired by the famous TV show “Koh Lanta”. This activity takes place in the Alcalá de Henares natural park, a few kilometers from Madrid. Participants are divided into small groups and face various timed survival challenges in the heart of this fabulous natural park. Each group earns points every time they complete a challenge. Essential qualities for succeeding in these challenges include orientation, active listening, teamwork, task distribution, orientation, and focus.

  1. The historical gymkhana in the streets of Madrid

A team retreat in Madrid is also an opportunity to discover the Spanish capital, its streets, and its monuments in a different way. The gymkhana challenge takes place right in the city. Participants are guided by a troupe of actors during the challenges and take the opportunity to discover Madrid’s emblematic monuments, such as the Convent of the Encarnación, the Plaza de Oriente, the gardens of the Palacio de Oriente, the Almudena Cathedral, and more. This activity expands one’s knowledge, but it’s also a chance to give one’s all for the success of their team.

  1. Karting for high adrenaline

Are you running out of ideas for your team retreat in Madrid? We suggest adding karting to the agenda. This activity will boost your team members’ adrenaline and allow them to showcase their agility and precision behind the wheel of these small racers. The safety of participants is ensured on the track, even though it is quite technical with its turns and straightaways. Everyone will have the opportunity to experience strong emotions through this experience and show they are up to the challenge. As you can see, team building activities in Madrid are plentiful. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover the thousand and one ways to create an event in line with your objectives that will allow your team members to have a great time while getting to know each other. We will be happy to customize a team building event for your team, whether in Madrid or elsewhere.


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