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For your next team building, have you chosen Oslo as the destination city for your corporate retreat? Are you looking for activities that are original, creative, and fun to improve cohesion, communication, and team spirit within your company? To assist you, we have selected the 10 best activities you can do during a team building in the capital of Norway.

Participate in an eco-sport activity: Kayaking excursion

Going on a kayak trip is one of the highlight activities during a team building in Oslo. You will have the opportunity to navigate and paddle along the water while enjoying breathtaking views of various sites in the capital of Norway. For this, you have a choice of several routes. You can also take part in private lessons that teach you the basics of kayaking: rescue protocol, safety measures, paddling techniques, etc. For this, experienced instructors are at your disposal. It should be noted that this activity has the advantage of strengthening interpersonal relationships among colleagues.

2. Discovering Oslo’s Microbreweries as a Team

For years, beer has been one of the passions of the inhabitants of the capital of Norway. Every month, new microbreweries open their doors to offer craft beers that stand out for their unique taste. During your team building in Oslo, why not visit the city’s microbreweries. Through the guide, you will be able to discover the brewing techniques of this special beverage and also taste it with typical Oslo dishes. You can hire an experienced and passionate guide to uncover all the secrets of Norwegian craft beer.

3. Enjoying a Yacht Ride During the Day or Evening

If you enjoy water rides, do not hesitate to book a yacht excursion during your team building in Oslo. You will be able to explore all the navigable waterways of this city and appreciate exceptional landscapes. Guides and animators are at your disposal to provide commentary on each route taken. For this type of excursion, you have a choice of several options based on different themes: evening cruise, lunch cruise, jazz cruise, etc.

Organize a "Squid Game" team building event

Squid Game has become increasingly popular in recent years. Inspired by the series of the same name, it involves solving various puzzles within a set time frame. Its goal is to test your communication and logical thinking skills. This game is played on a video platform. Squid Game is an interesting game for a team building because it helps strengthen teamwork, collaboration, and team spirit.

5. Playing Paintball to Strengthen Team Cohesion

Paintball is a must-do activity during a team building. It is a fun game suitable for all members of your company. It is accessible to everyone: men, women, athletes or not, etc. Paintball is played in teams, which is why it’s perfectly suited for a team building. Indeed, this game helps strengthen cohesion among your colleagues in a playful setting, outside of work. It also creates good memories within a team. In short, it’s the best way to bring well-being to work.

6. Having a Yoga Session in Nature

If you feel your team members need a wellness session to thrive at work, why not introduce them to yoga sessions during a team building in Oslo? This discipline offers, indeed, many benefits. It helps eliminate stress and fatigue and brings serenity. Thanks to breathing techniques and adopted postures, yoga helps uplift spirits and relax the mind. This activity has several benefits for your colleagues. It promotes well-being at work and improves stress management.

7. Visiting the Viking Ship Museum

Have you decided to organize a team building in Oslo with a discovery theme? Travel back in time to the era of Vikings by visiting the must-see Viking Ship Museum. Through this site, you will discover the history of the great northern sailors. This museum holds many Viking treasures (clothes, tools, sculptures, horse-drawn carts, etc.) and also Viking ships from the 9th century, with the Oseberg ship being the most impressive at 22 meters long.

Explore the trendy Grunerlokka district.

Once considered the historic haven of the working class, Grunerlokka has become a trendy and lively district in Oslo. Here, you’ll find bars, restaurants, and cafes where you can explore the typical cuisine of the Norwegian capital. You can enjoy a walk among the residential buildings that characterize this Norwegian city. You can also weave your way through the different streets of this district to explore the hidden treasures of this legendary place.

9. Visit the famous Oslo Opera House

During your team retreat in the Norwegian capital, make sure to organize a visit to the Oslo Opera House. This site impresses visitors with its contemporary and very bold design. Indeed, its architecture was inspired by Norwegian ski slopes. Typically, as its name suggests, this site hosts the Opera as well as the National Ballet of Norway. However, it also welcomes other performances such as orchestras or ballets. If you are passing through Oslo, even if you are not going to attend concerts or other performances, do not miss out on appreciating the breathtaking landscape on the site’s sloping roof.

10. Walk around Vigeland Park

With its 214 statues of nude bodies, Vigeland Park has become a well-known site that attracts many visitors to Oslo. Indeed, you will discover various sculptures in granite and bronze that are the works of Gustav Vigeland. One of the most famous statues is the “Sinnataggen” or the “angry boy”.


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