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Achieving fulfillment, both professionally and personally, is a journey that begins with understanding one’s deep aspirations. Whether it’s thriving in the business world, arts, sports, or all these areas combined, the key lies in clearly defining one’s goals and managing time optimally. Discover how to turn your dreams into tangible realities by embarking on a path paved with well-defined objectives.

productivité : Le livre des rêves

Learn to dream

Find what you enjoy the most and do it as often as possible. I imagine that very few of you have taken the time to define what you really want to achieve, not just professionally, but what you expect from life as a whole.

Businessman? Freelance artist? Accomplished athlete? All three at once?

Setting goals is the first step towards the realization of your dreams.

2. It’s all about time… and priorities

A day may seem short, and finding the time to do what we love can sometimes be complicated. Keeping the notion of goals can help each of us to FIND time and OPTIMIZE it.

When you know you want to finish that book by the end of the week, you won’t turn on the TV as soon as you get home.

When you want to go out with your friends on Tuesday night, you’ll be more productive during the day.

3. Operating by objectives: a virtuous circle

There’s a strong relationship between the goals we set for ourselves and self-esteem. People with high self-esteem tend to set higher professional or relationship goals, and vice versa for those with low self-esteem. The advantage with goal setting is that the more we manage to achieve them, the more we increase our confidence and self-esteem.

4. How to proceed to achieve it?

4.1. The Book of Dreams

A mandatory step to realize your dreams: list them. To do this, start by noting in a notebook your desires, dreams, and objectives.

You dream of having twins? Of skydiving? Of having better relations with your colleagues? Of getting a promotion? All areas can be considered, from the most realistic to the wildest.

4.2. Deadlines and milestones

Once you know what you want, determine what you need to achieve it. This then involves defining your objectives in time, setting a deadline, and especially setting “sub-objectives”.

Some objectives will take 5, 10, sometimes 15 years to achieve; these are life objectives.

To achieve them, set short-term goals, weekly or even daily.

4.3. The journey over the destination

Ultimately, the pleasure is not so much in the achievement of the goal itself but in the accomplishment of the various steps constituting the path leading to its success.

Success is within your reach… you just have to want it, to believe in it.

Our job is to connect you differently to yours… JUST BELIEVE IT !

productivité : Le livre des rêves

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