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The capital of Andalusia, Seville attracts many foreigners with its majestic landscapes and sunny climate. Beyond the paradisiacal setting it offers, this magnificent Spanish city promises a stay filled with numerous discoveries. From gastronomic adventures to cultural activities, and thrilling entertainment, Seville has all the attributes to promise an offsite that will delight your colleagues. Most importantly: this offsite in Seville will be an opportunity for your colleagues to build strong bonds and strengthen their team spirit. To assist you in organizing this trip, we have prepared a list of the best team building activities to do in Seville.

Séminaire à Séville

A treasure hunt

To spend time with your colleagues and explore the city while having fun, opt for a treasure hunt. Here, the treasures to seek are the city’s iconic historical and cultural sites, such as Santa Cruz, the Alcazar, the Cathedral of Seville… and many others. To move from one site to another and thus discover the next treasure, you will need to solve a series of puzzles.

To do this, you can use all the means at your disposal: a city map, an iPad, the Internet, your logic, a little imagination, and some general knowledge. All this while not forgetting to pay attention to the various clues left along the way. The advantage of this activity is that it is suitable for all profiles. The game is also interactive, which will undoubtedly promote cohesion among colleagues and a competitive spirit between teams.

2. Group paddleboarding

If you’re into nautical activities or just want to cool off a bit, we have the ideal activity for you: group paddleboarding, also known as stand-up paddleboarding. The activity is performed standing on a paddleboard, so it is recommended to bring a change of clothes and your finest swimsuit. Jeans are obviously not recommended.

For this activity, head to the Guadalquivir River, the only navigable river in Spanish territory. Once your team is formed, equip yourselves with life jackets and be ready for the race. To move your paddleboard, you need to use your team spirit, as you cannot progress alone. So if you want to teach your colleagues to work together, stand-up paddleboarding is the activity you need.

Group paddleboarding is suitable for everyone, even the less athletic. However, if some cannot participate in the activity for one reason or another, it is always possible to cheer on your team from the shore. In short, regardless of your status, supporter or participant, this activity guarantees you lots of laughter and fun during your offsite in Seville. To your paddles!

3. A high-altitude treasure hunt

Another adventure game to try absolutely during your team building in Seville is the high-altitude treasure hunt. In this type of game, treasures and clues to be found are hidden in elevated hiding places such as rooftops or the city’s various towers. In addition to a good strategy and well-oiled teamwork, you will therefore need to climb to progress in the game, which will allow you, at the same time, to admire the city from a new angle.

The clues you find will enable you to reach the meeting point, the summit of the Metropol Parasol. At the top of this contemporary sculpture, you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the city. A small bistro is also present, allowing you to share a coffee and Sevillian sweets with the team. A must-have after your victory and this eventful day.

Flamenco classes

During this team building in Seville, awaken the dancer within you. Attend a flamenco class, this typically Spanish dance, and let yourself be carried away by the rhythms of the music. The benefits of this dance in a team retreat?

  • Flamenco is learned in a group, making it an opportunity to share good moments with colleagues
  • In the dance, one must align their movements with their partner and the rest of the group. It therefore requires patience and listening to others, key qualities in corporate teamwork
  • More than a dance, flamenco is also music. This class is therefore the opportunity to get initiated into guitar or percussion, or for those who already master these instruments, to enhance your skills

In short, in this flamenco class, everyone will find something to enjoy.

5. A Paella Workshop

A typically Spanish specialty, paella is a dish that Sevillians master to perfection. What could be more natural than taking advantage of this trip to the Andalusian capital to learn how to prepare an authentic paella? Put on your cooking apron and take notes on the necessary ingredients and the steps to prepare this dish.

Paella is cooked in large quantities, so at the end of the workshop, you can enjoy it with your colleagues and share a convivial moment with them. The little extra of this workshop? You will take home the recipe for a typical dish of Spanish cuisine. You can recreate it once back home. In short, a way to delight your friends and family!

As you have understood, Seville is an ideal destination for a corporate retreat. Adventure, adrenaline, music, and delicacies are the keywords of a stay in the Andalusian capital. So, ready to enjoy the best of Seville’s activities? Because at, we are ready to organize the best corporate retreat for you. See you soon in the Andalusian capital!

Séminaire à Séville

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