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Discover the splendor and authenticity of Djerba through a series of captivating explorations. Each adventure, carefully selected, immerses you in the rich cultural heritage, artisanal traditions, and natural beauty of this enchanted island. Whether you’re wandering through the ancient alleyways of Houmt Souk, lounging on golden beaches, experiencing the age-old art of pottery in Guellala, or marveling at the natural spectacle offered by the flamingos at Ras Rmel, the experience is designed to awaken inspiration and strengthen the cohesion of your team. The adventures continue with a fascinating safari at the crocodile farm, a peaceful moment at Borj Djillidj, an invigorating golf session, and an exhilarating quad bike ride. Each step of this journey promises memorable moments and a rich connection with the essence of Djerba.

Seminaire à Djerba

Exploring Houmt Souk

The old town of Houmt Souk, the capital of Djerba, is a picturesque maze of alleys lined with whitewashed houses. Perfect for a beautiful day of strolling during your team retreat in Djerba. Your colleagues will be able to purchase numerous hand-painted pottery, traditional jewelry, or colorful patterned carpets. The purple bougainvillea growing on the white facades of houses against a backdrop of blue sky, offers you an image you won’t forget anytime soon.

2. Relaxation at Djerba Beach

Tunisia’s finest beaches are found in Djerba! Enjoy the sun, the tan you’ve always wanted, and swim in turquoise waters around the so-called ‘island of a thousand palm trees’. The powdery white sand beaches of Sidi Mahrez and Séguia are perfect for sunbathing while tasting the best seafood dishes.

3. Artisanal visit of Guellala

When you buy painted pottery in Houmt Souk, there’s a good chance it was made in the village of Guellala, the main pottery center of Djerba. Some 450 potters live and work here, and visiting one of their workshops is a baffling experience. The way clay is worked into these magnificent amphorae or storage jars is a true art form. Many locals in Guellala are Berbers. Their traditions and culture are felt everywhere, making Guellala one of the most authentic villages in Tunisia.

4. Flamingo escape at Ras Rmel

Ras Rmel is a particular, almost surreal landscape. It’s not really an island but rather an ecological reserve where thousands of flamingos gather. The combination of neon pink of the birds and the azure blue of the ocean is magical. From Houmt Souk, you can take a boat to the island, swim, snorkel, nap in the hammocks, or simply taste the freshly caught oysters by the local fishermen.

Croco-safari at the crocodile farm

Marvel at the fierce appearance and graceful movements of the inhabitants of the Crocodile Farm, an observation center located in a vast cultural park. Around 400 crocodiles have made their home here, where landscaped enclosures recreate the desert and the lush tundra along the banks of the Nile. Watch the reptiles during feeding time for an especially memorable experience during your team retreat in Djerba. And if you’re feeling peckish, grab a snack from one of the vendors serving local and international dishes.

6. Sunset at Borj Djillidj

Located near the village of Ajim - where some scenes of Star Wars were filmed - Borj Djillidj offers the most beautiful sunsets. The small harbor where traditional fishermen return home after catching octopuses and fish is the calmest and most serene place on the Island, perfect for appreciating the beauty of this world. A moment of relaxation for your colleagues.

7. Swing at Djerba Golf Club

Designed by British golf architect Martin Hawtree, the Djerba Golf Club offers an 18-hole championship course and 9-hole links. Golfers can improve their skills at the driving range, putting green, and golf academy. The club also features a clubhouse, as well as a restaurant and bar, providing relaxation during your corporate retreat in Djerba.

8. Adrenaline Adventure on a Quad

Your quad bike ride on sandy paths, far from tourist areas, will take you to the heart of Djerba Island. Your colleagues will discover the hidden charms of Djerba’s traditional architecture. This getaway, between palm trees and centuries-old olive fields, is an unforgettable experience for your corporate trip to Djerba. On the way back, you’ll have the chance to gaze at the seaside and the lagoon, where the intense blue of the sea will amaze you with a thousand silver reflections.

Seminaire à Djerba

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