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Savoie is one of the most beloved regions in France for its unique charm. Both in summer and winter, it hosts all sorts of corporate events such as offsites, incentive travel, or team building. Discover the top 5 activities for a team building in Savoie and surrounding areas.

Voyage team building en Savoie

Extreme activities

Savoie is renowned for its rich and diverse environment. As a result, this region is the ideal playground if you and your colleagues are seeking thrills. Indeed, extreme sports are among the key activities offered as part of a team building. If you are climbing enthusiasts, you will have a choice between 4 main sites: - La Chambotte and its height of 60m; - La Gittaz and its height of about 35m; - The Marocaz cliff and its thirty meters; - The Balme de Yenne cliff, standing at 60m.

Alternatively, test your creativity and team spirit by participating in a soapbox course. Team building requires you to build your racing machine from scratch. Therefore, form your team to assemble your engine and customize it. Of course, all the necessary materials will be provided. Once your soapbox car is mounted on its four wheels, you can challenge your colleagues in a speed race. Finally, it’s possible to organize nautical Olympiads. For this, create your team and challenge your colleagues in one of the scheduled disciplines: - Tandem paddling; - Canoe racing; - Outrigger canoe racing; - Beach volleyball; - etc.

  1. Winter Night Hiking

A daytime hike is arguably the most rewarding experience. Indeed, nothing compares to a panorama over Savoie, as the region boasts a picturesque landscape. If you enjoy marveling at nature’s wonders when the sun is at its peak, then a winter night-time escapade will delight you immensely. Put on your snowshoes and walk a few hundred meters to reach the Belle Plagne site. Wait there for dusk to witness the magic unfold. Combine the unique color of the sunset with the brightness of the snow and the mountain’s unique sounds, and you get a spectacle found nowhere else. You will undoubtedly relive the next day to experience it again. After admiring the beauty of the region at night, you can conclude your nocturnal escapade with a traditional Savoyard dinner. A night well spent!

The biathlon

Biathlon is a discipline that tests both your physical endurance and your team cohesion and communication skills, making it an excellent choice for your team building. This sport, which combines both rifle shooting and cross-country skiing, is gradually becoming more popular in resorts. In fact, more and more Savoyard resorts now have biathlon courses for the enjoyment of enthusiasts. It is even possible to try this sport, whether it’s the cross-country skiing part or the rifle shooting part. Experienced instructors will give you valuable advice on the postures to adopt before starting the race. Form your team without hesitation and challenge your colleagues. Spice up the experience by imposing a penalty on the loser. Guaranteed fun!

4. The survival course

Whether you’re based in Savoie or Haute-Savoie, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a survival course as part of your team building. This challenging activity is neither military training nor a commando course, so do not worry. Indeed, thanks to this activity available in the region as part of a team building, you’ll learn the first survival reflexes. The goal? To strengthen your mentality, push you to your limits and develop your team spirit, since the experience takes place in a group. The program includes learning various techniques to make fire, lessons on different methods for building a shelter, and the actions to adopt for living in complete self-sufficiency in nature. Although this activity is physically and mentally demanding, it is possible to participate, whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

5. Igloo building

If you decide to organize your team building in Savoie during winter, igloo building is among the activities to prioritize. It’s a recreation that will draw on your creativity, your team spirit, and your ability to communicate in a group since you’ll be between 4 and 5 people working on the structure. All the necessary tools will of course be provided, and instructions will be given before you start the work. Beyond the satisfaction of having managed to build a shelter with your own hands, this activity will especially allow you to put yourself in the shoes of the polar region populations. Moreover, you’ll operate in a dream setting and enjoy a total change of scenery. A multitude of activities are available to you for your team building in Savoie or Haute-Savoie.

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Voyage team building en Savoie

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