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Organizing a team building is the best solution to strengthen the bonds between your employees and thus promote the development of your company. However, the choice of destination should not be neglected to allow them to enjoy a complete change of scenery for a day or a longer stay. Have you chosen Marbella? Discover our top 5 most original team building activities that will surely appeal to your colleagues.

team building à Marbella

Marbella: The Pearl of Andalusia

Located approximately 1,500 kilometers from Paris as the crow flies, Marbella is the ultimate destination for a successful team building event. It is renowned for its Mediterranean sandy beaches and turquoise sea, making it a standout location on the Costa del Sol.

This Andalusian city is a privileged place, as it represents the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Here, you can find imposing buildings with contemporary structures as well as small traditional houses. This is complemented by a perfectly preserved natural environment. With sunshine for more than 300 days a year, Marbella is the perfect destination if you love blue skies.

A tourist reference par excellence, it boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage that tells of a fascinating past. The city is also famous for its typically Andalusian cobbled streets lined with homes featuring colorful doors, as well as its markets where a cheerful mood is always present.

Your stay in the old town will take you on a journey through time. Displaying an architecture that combines medieval and Arab styles, Marbella Castle is on the list of must-visit sites. Take advantage of your getaway to visit the Engraving Museum located in the city’s historical center.

2. All-comfort establishments for a quality stay

Rely on our services to ensure a successful team building in Marbella. Nothing will be left to chance by our team, from airport transfer to the hotel to the organization of activities, among others. We carefully select the best hotel establishments to enable you to enjoy your stay under the best conditions.

It is good to note that we collaborate with numerous starred establishments located in Marbella. Thus, we are able to find the best deals suited to your expectations and budget. You are free to choose the hotel that suits you, whether it is located close to must-visit sites or the most interesting team building activities in Marbella.

The city is renowned for its many green spaces which invite you to enjoy good moments of relaxation and fun. Lovers of leisure and water sports will not be disappointed with its 27 kilometers of white sandy beaches.

Clubs in the vicinity offer original team building activities that will delight your colleagues. Do you wish to offer them an unforgettable stay? Do not hesitate to entrust us with the organization of your trip. The corporate trip programs implemented promote the cohesion of your teams and, consequently, the development of your company.

Our top 5 team building activities to do in Marbella

With the numerous activities exclusively dedicated to groups offered in Marbella, we take care to select the most relevant ones, depending on your preferences and budget.

3.1. Beach Olympics

The Olympics taking place on the beaches of Andalusia are perfect for outdoor team building. The beach games offered are fun and challenging, promising participants a day full of relaxation and excitement. On the agenda, you can choose from beach volleyball, beach hockey, sack race, bubble football, sculpture contest, tug of war, etc.

3.2. Canyoning Adrenaline

The canyoning is perfect for giving your team a great dose of adrenaline. You will be taken care of by experienced guides. The necessary material and equipment (helmet, harness, canyoning suit, etc.) are provided. With the many routes offered, you just need to choose the one that suits your level: beginner, advanced, or expert.

3.3. F1 Speed Challenge

The F1 challenge represents the team building activity not to be missed. Catering to all participant profiles, it calls for certain professional qualities: creativity, communication, strategy, time management, and leadership. The goal is to build a Formula 1, all the material for construction will be provided. Each team will be supervised by a professional. Once the assembly of your speed machine is finished, it’s time to proceed to trials on a track created for the event. Everything must be checked in the smallest details to convince the jury and the opposing teams that your F1 is the best and fastest.

3.4. Raft Builders

Just like the previous activity, the raft construction challenge allows for creating and improving cohesion within your teams. Materials and various equipment are provided to construct the raft in the best conditions: scissors, planks, ropes, barrels, inner tubes, etc. The next step is to show the other teams that your raft is the fastest by participating in a race.

3.5. Regatta Team Challenge

The sailing race promises your collaborators an unforgettable experience combining challenge, pleasure, and water sport. You have a wide choice in terms of high sea regatta circuit from the nearest port. Each team will be supervised by a qualified captain.

If you are planning to organize a team building in Marbella, do not hesitate to contact You will be taken care of by a team attentive to your every need. We offer you our list of the most original activities for an unforgettable trip.

team building à Marbella

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