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The capital of Italy, Rome is a large city with a calming and peaceful atmosphere, hosting several exciting and entertaining activities, perfect for a corporate trip. Are you eager to satisfy your teams during a team building trip to Rome? In this article, find the unique Roman animations and activities that will appeal to your colleagues. We will answer your question: what can be done in Rome during a team building?

Top 10 Activities to Do in Rome

Rome welcomes over 10 million visitors a year, making it the most visited city in Italy. With numerous iconic sites like the Pantheon and the Colosseum, as well as its breathtaking landscape, planning a team retreat to Rome is always a good idea, especially for romantics.

Here’s a top 10 list of activities to do in Rome.

Top 10: Taste Rome’s culinary specialties with your team

If your team loves tasting local specialties, they will be well catered for. You can all enjoy Carbonara, puntarelle, Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe, etc. It’s the perfect moment to gather around a table and enjoy a convivial moment among colleagues.

Top 9: Solve puzzles in escape rooms team building

Nothing is better than teamworking during a team retreat in Rome. Generally, that’s the purpose of a corporate trip, to strengthen team cohesion. Solving puzzles in escape rooms allows everyone to use their skills and to escape. This is about having fun and working together.

Top 8: Attend an Italian cooking workshop with your colleagues

In addition to tasting Italian dishes, it’s also great to learn how to make them together. Cooking workshops in Rome are lead by professional Italian chefs. The team members will try to recreate typical Italian dishes. A workshop that can very well end in a tasting session around a table. A convivial and relaxing moment for everyone.

Top 7: Go karting with all colleagues during your trip

If your team is a fan of thrills, suggest a day of karting on Rome’s karting track with a 900 km course. Here, it’s of course initially about entertainment but also about competition. This highly popular activity can create a competitive spirit, perfect for a team retreat in Rome.

Top 6: Go kayaking during your team retreat

Yes! Rome has many green spaces and if your colleagues are fans of nature and coolness, do not miss a day of kayaking. This fun and sportive activity will allow all your collaborators to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Italian capital while trying to work as a team, as they will be two to operate the kayak. And of course, if they are good swimmers, they can cool off in the lake chosen for kayaking.

Top 5: Exploring the City on a Vespa with Your Co-workers

Riding a Vespa in Rome is like being a character in an Italian movie. And your colleagues can enjoy this too. Just rent some Vespas and enjoy getting to know all the quaint alleys of the city, all together. Put on your helmets, and go for a delightful ride in this highly romantic city. You could opt for a two-seater Vespa, to not lose sight of the teamwork concept. Along the way, you can taste different Italian dishes, maybe take a little break for Italian ice cream. Don’t forget to capture all these moments.

Top 4: Discovering the City During a Vintage Fiat 500 Rally

If your teams are fans of vintage, they’ll be thrilled to drive a Fiat 500, this car from the 1950s and moreover in Rome. Various colors are available for all your colleagues. Traverse every corner of Rome together. A successful and unforgettable team building trip. Rome, a city brimming with history, with its numerous monuments, offers the most beautiful views to enjoy with your colleagues. It will be an activity of relaxation and discovery, to be immortalized in photos, of course! Whether in the car or next to the car and especially together.

Top 3: Doing Yoga on Tiber Island During Your Team Retreat

A team building trip is not always about tiring activities. It also encompasses relaxing activities like yoga. Tiber Island is the perfect place for this. Nothing is more soothing and destressing for the team, which is often faced with a ton of work at the office. You’ll enjoy several exercises with professional yoga masters. A very stimulating experience.

Top 2: Visiting the Colosseum During a Team Building Activity

Passing through Rome without visiting the Colosseum is nearly impossible. This extraordinary monument once hosted gladiator battles, though today it can accommodate more than 50,000 visitors. The Colosseum is the most famous monument in Rome. The visit is conducted in groups, ideal for a team building activity. Your colleagues will come away filled with stories and memories.

Top 1: Discovering the Vatican During a Cultural Team Building

Like the Colosseum, passing through Rome without discovering the Vatican is highly unlikely, even if you’re not a believer. The important thing is the discovery. In addition to strengthening team cohesion, the team building trip is also about discovery, about revealing new things to all colleagues. You will find St. Peter’s Square, St. Peter’s Basilica, and many other impressive sights.

Note that Rome enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and very mild winters. If you want to fully enjoy your corporate retreat, choose dates between May and September. This is the most favorable period to visit this Italian capital and is also the best time to enjoy various activities as tourists are plentiful.

Symbolizing the Dolce Vita, a team building trip to Rome is primarily relaxing. This city is perfect for relieving the everyday stress of your colleagues while allowing them to discover so many new things. Convinced? See you in Rome!

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