Samuel Krief 04.04.2024 Team Building Trip To Istanbul

A true bridge between the West and the East, Istanbul has been a place of dreams for centuries. Therefore, it is the ideal location for organizing a professional event such as a team building trip to Istanbul. This will allow you to enhance communication among your teams, motivate them further, or help them build relationships with each other. There are also numerous activities that you can include in the schedule of this event.


Top 5 activities to do in Istanbul

1. Learning Glassblowing Techniques

Istanbul is a city well-known for its glass making. This presents a unique opportunity for your employees to explore this hidden aspect of the city through an innovative workshop. Moreover, it’s not necessary to have any specific experience to participate in this activity.

Indeed, your employees will receive the necessary information from professional instructors. These experts also provide all the equipment needed to successfully complete the workshop. Participants will not only learn about the history of glassblowing but will also discover the essential techniques of this ancient art. They will learn to shape glass by heating it to 1,200 °C.

While waiting for the glass to cool, they can enjoy a coffee and cake. Before they leave, they will receive a gift such as a keychain, a necklace, or bracelets.

2. Live Escape Game

A team retreat in Istanbul can also include a live escape game where participants must try to escape from a room within a set time limit, usually 60 minutes. To do this, they need to find clues, solve puzzles to escape the room. They can also count on the ceremony master for advice and guidance in their quest for clues. Moreover, there are various rooms with different settings and plots to choose from, offering the right escape game for your team. This activity promotes teamwork and collaboration while requiring observation and deduction skills from your employees.

3. Sailing and Dining on a Luxury Yacht

To reduce some of the tension and allow your employees to relax, why not plan a small cruise on a luxury yacht? This activity adds a luxurious touch to your team retreat in Istanbul. Indeed, a yacht is spacious enough to accommodate your employees and offer them optimal comfort throughout the cruise. They will also enjoy a magnificent view of the Bosphorus and the rooftops of Istanbul. To enhance the atmosphere and facilitate beautiful exchanges among your employees, dinner will even be served on board. They will have the chance to enjoy delicious dishes including baklava, Turkish biscuits, and fresh seasonal fruits. They will be accompanied by a tour guide to provide a personalized experience in this beautiful city.

4. City Walking Tour

It would be a shame not to explore the wonders that Istanbul has to offer during your stay. That’s why incorporating a city walking tour into your offsite program in Istanbul is particularly interesting.

Indeed, your colleagues will be able to better appreciate the details of the iconic sites of the former Constantinople. Under the supervision of a professional guide, you will discover interesting facts and stories about the sites visited during the tour. On average, the tour lasts 2 and a half hours. If you plan to visit a mosque, note that it is mandatory for women to cover their head, chest, shoulders, and legs.

5. Turkish Traditional Cuisine Workshop

Turkish cuisine is truly unique, as it incorporates both Eastern and Western cuisines. Therefore, it’s beneficial to schedule a cooking workshop focused on traditional Turkish dishes during your team retreat in Istanbul. The classes are led by traditional Turkish chefs. Participants will use ingredients commonly used in Turkish cuisine and are encouraged to mix them according to their preferences.

Furthermore, even if some of your colleagues are allergic, gluten intolerant, vegetarian, or vegan, they will still be able to prepare Turkish dishes using the ingredients available to them. And at the end of the workshop, your teams can enjoy the dishes they have prepared together. This suggests a dinner or lunch where a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere prevails. This inevitably leads to strong team cohesion and mutual understanding.

Other activity ideas to do in Istanbul

Here is a brief overview of the activities that can be included in a team building in Istanbul. However, depending on your expectations, the number of participants and the duration of their stay in the former Byzantine capital, it is possible to opt for other activities.

Thus, you can choose indoor go-kart racing to allow your employees to challenge each other at the wheel of a small racing car and push back their fears. We can also include in the program an adventure park. It’s not just about moving from one tree to another via a small platform. Indeed, your employees can also participate in a Quick Jump activity which involves falling from a height of 15 meters or a zip line course.

Otherwise, enthusiasts of water activities can turn to surfing lessons in the Black Sea. It’s an opportunity for them to live their passion, or even to share it with their colleagues, all while enjoying the present moment.

No matter the activities you choose for your trip to Istanbul, we are able to prepare a tailor-made event that perfectly matches your objectives and budget.


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