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Known for the marketing of Porto wine, the monuments, and the bridges over the Douro River, the city of Porto attracts numerous tourists with the charm of its landscape. For a team building offsite in Porto, we have gathered in this article the Top 10 original animations and activities to do in this wonderful Portuguese city, rich in history and culture.

The reasons to choose Porto as a destination for a team building offsite

Before delving into the various original animations and activities to do in Porto during a team building offsite, if you’re still not convinced about your choice of city, find below 2 good reasons to choose this increasingly popular city with over 1.8 million inhabitants.

1. Porto is made up of several tourist spots

In addition to strengthening team cohesion, developing company culture, and improving work performance, the team building offsite in Porto also offers participants the opportunity to make new discoveries. The city of Porto is perfect for this, thanks to its numerous historical sites. 

2. Porto offers a variety of activities

From outdoor photo shoots, boat rides, guided and gastronomic tours, sports activities, to jet skiing, there are many activities that can be done in this city to involve all participants in a collective manner. 

Top 10 Activities to Do During Your Corporate Retreat in Porto

1. Canyoning at the Peneda-Gerês National Park

Established in 1971 and spanning an area of 72,000 ha, the Peneda-Gerês park is the unique national park of Portugal. Home to endemic species such as the yellow-bearded iris and the trumpet daffodil, this park is also an ideal location for a canyoning activity during a team retreat in Porto. This will allow all your employees to relax in nature. Canyoning involves progressing through a riverbed, navigating through narrow ravines or gorges, and climbing rocks. It’s a physically challenging route that teams can overcome together while enjoying the breathtaking landscape. It’s a great way to strengthen team cohesion and teach them to work effectively as a unit.

2. Buggy Adventure

Does your team crave adventure? Opt for a buggy adventure to explore the outdoors. During this all-terrain vehicle exploration, you will encounter beautiful landscapes in the forest. This involves climbing into a buggy in pairs and following the lead of other team members who act as guides. Explore mountains and distant villages while crossing streams. A thrilling experience that will make your corporate trip to Porto unforgettable.

3. Painting Portuguese Tiles

Have you ever heard of the famous Porto tiles? Commonly known as azulejos, this collection of decorated ceramic tiles adorns most of the interiors and exteriors of buildings in this Portuguese city. For an artistic team building activity, you can opt for an azulejos workshop to stimulate your team members’ creativity. Around a table, they will learn about the history of these Porto tiles and also try their hand at painting their own tiles.

4. Tasting Porto Wine

This activity is a must when it comes to a corporate trip to Porto. Missing out on this is like not having been there at all. Porto wine is produced exclusively in the Upper Douro region. During the corporate retreat in Porto, you have the choice of several activities, such as a tour of the Porto wine cellars or a comprehensive visit of the wines from the Douro Valley including lunch, tastings, and a cruise on the river, etc. During the tasting, your colleagues will gather around a table for more conviviality while learning about the history of this famous beverage.

5. Visiting Escape Rooms

The city of Porto is also renowned for its various escape rooms offering diverse escape games. Located mainly in the city center, they allow your team to work together to solve puzzles in order to escape. This activity not only provides entertainment but also enables your colleagues to use their teamwork skills in problem-solving.

6. Cruising on a Rabelo Boat

Going on a cruise on a rabelo boat offers an authentic journey through the heart of Portugal. The rabelo boat is specially designed for the Douro River. It can take an entire team to explore all the cities, bridges, and Portuguese vineyards as well as the Douro natural park.

7. Learning Portuguese Cooking Methods

Rich in seafood and stews, Portuguese cuisine has several specialties to discover. There are various typical Portuguese dishes such as cod or the famous Bacalhau, Cataplana, Francesinha, Bitoque, and many others that are a must-try. During the offsite in Porto, there’s nothing better than learning Portuguese cooking methods together with local Portuguese chefs and then tasting the different creations around a table, all in the spirit of strengthening team cohesion.

8. Bicycle Rally

Discovering the city and exercising at the same time during your corporate trip is feasible in Porto by opting for a bicycle rally or visiting the city by bike in groups. This involves traversing the streets of Porto on a bike, passing through Ribeira, Praça da Liberdade, the Tower, and many more.

9. Surfing the Waves of Portugal

If your colleagues are fans of surfing, the city of Porto is the ideal place for it. This activity, which requires great patience, is one of the best group activities to strengthen the bonds within your team.

10. Learning Portuguese Dances

There are various types of Portuguese dances, with the typical dance being the vira, which is a three-time dance originating from the Minho region. Learning one or more Portuguese dances is among the fun activities for entertainment during a team retreat that ensures great moments of conviviality.


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