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Organizing a team building offsite can bring numerous benefits to a business. Not only do the various activities promote cohesion among employees, but they also help to strengthen the team spirit within them. Additionally, company leaders will be able to identify hidden talents among some team members, or even discover true leaders among them. It’s also important to highlight the challenges they will face during this event which will help them to communicate better with each other and to strengthen their sense of belonging. This is why we can say that planning a team building offsite in Naples will enable the development of your business through a more engaged, motivated staff who share your values. However, to achieve all these objectives, it’s crucial to carefully select the activities you will offer them.

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Top 5 Activities for a Team Building Offsite in Naples

If you are planning to organize a team retreat in Naples, you should know that you have a wide range of activities to offer your employees. Discover some of our activity suggestions for a team retreat in the capital of Sicily.

1. Scooter or Electric Bike Rally in the City

Like all major Italian cities, Naples also suffers from traffic jams. This team building activity invites you to explore the Mediterranean city without stress and in an eco-friendly manner. Indeed, participants will ride scooters or electric bikes and will be divided into several groups. Each group will be under the supervision of a local guide who is well versed in interesting stories about a particular site or the city in general. Of course, the said guide speaks several languages in order to communicate effectively with the people under their charge. At each stop, each group will have to answer questions, a quiz, or puzzles and will be scored accordingly. This rally will allow participants to discover the city and its must-see sites from a different angle while taking on a challenge.

2. Underground Tour of Naples

If the previous activity allowed your employees to discover Naples on the surface, we also recommend including the visit to the city’s underground in your team retreat program in Naples. This unique excursion begins in the Spanish Quarters and continues through the underground paths of the city. Your employees will be accompanied by a passionate and competent guide. This person will teach them the interesting stories and significant events that occurred in this underground city. They can also answer their questions about this labyrinth of cellars, cavities, and tunnels. The total duration of the tour is approximately 60 minutes.

3. Cooking Class with Professional Italian Chefs

A team retreat in Naples is the perfect opportunity to let your employees forget about objectives, pivot tables, and KPIs. For this, you can invite them to join an immersive cooking class led by professional Italian chefs. These chefs will give them the instructions to follow to prepare delicious Italian dishes. They also guide them step by step to turn them into talented cooks. Moreover, participants will have access to high-quality kitchen utensils and equipment. This activity will allow your employees to spend time together in a setting other than the professional one. Furthermore, it helps to strengthen essential team qualities such as communication, leadership, and teamwork. Not to mention, they can also acquire new skills through this special cooking workshop.

4. Educational Workshop on Wine Making

A team retreat in Naples is an excellent opportunity to discover Sicily from another angle. Therefore, you can include in the activities program an educational workshop on the wine-making process. Your employees will visit different wineries around Naples accompanied by a wine-making expert. In this context, they will learn about all the stages involved in the production of globally renowned wines, from the vine growth to the bottling and marketing of the product. During the visit, they will also enjoy a lunch prepared by the activity hosts. Similarly, they can taste various wines produced by the visited wineries.

5. Indoor Kart Racing

Give your employees a thrill-filled experience during a team retreat in Naples that is anything but ordinary. Indeed, they will compete on a karting track and show their agility behind the wheel of these small racers. And to increase their adrenaline, the competition takes place not outdoors, but in a meeting room specially arranged for the occasion. Participant safety is ensured since specialized engineers regularly maintain the karts. This allows these vehicles to combine maneuverability, speed, and also braking power. This activity fosters a competitive spirit among the teams while allowing them to experience thrills and promote team cohesion.

Why entrust us with organizing your team building offsite?

This is just a brief overview of the activities that can be included in a team building offsite in Naples. However, we can also offer other activity suggestions such as attending a football match of FC Napoli at the famous Diego Armando Maradona stadium. It’s also possible to schedule learning the art of war in a paintball center or participating in a yoga class to help your employees learn to relax.

But you can also rely on our expertise for the organization of your team-building offsite in Naples. This means that we take care of all aspects of this event in Italy to save you the worry. Additionally, we provide tailor-made support to ensure the event’s success and at the same time help you achieve your goals.

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