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Dubai is a multicultural country reflected by its dozens of international conglomerates. This is why it attracts tourists from all over the world, including business and team leaders. Moreover, Dubai offers a range of activities that foster group cohesion and break down invisible, yet persistent, communication barriers. Discover these activities in the rest of this article. In fact, we are highlighting the best ways to enjoy a team retreat in Dubai. Why choose Dubai as a destination for a team retreat?

Séminaire d'entreprise et team building à Dubaï

Why choose Dubai as a destination for a team building offsite?

Dubai is currently one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. One of the reasons for this is that it serves as a major center for international trade and finance. But that’s not all; Dubai also attracts travelers for other reasons such as:

  • Its location which is very strategic as it is at the heart of the most dynamic regions in the world;
  • Its role as a gateway between Asia and Europe;
  • Its liberal economy, open to foreign capitals;
  • Its extraordinary infrastructure such as hospitals, shopping malls, housing, etc.;

An offsite team building in Dubai is therefore a way to discover the city with multiple cultures but also to explore other investment perspectives. This is especially the case if you are a business owner looking to expand your market or invest abroad.

2. What are the must-see places during a team building offsite in Dubai?

In keeping with the aim of strengthening team cohesion, consider exploring old Dubai. It consists of two districts, namely Deira and Bur Dubai, separated by a body of water.

What characterizes Deira is its many souks, notably the Gold Souk (the most famous) and the spice souk. Deira only has buildings with traditional designs. The proof? Even the renovated buildings must respect the architecture of the old buildings.

As for Bur Dubai, it is also characterized by some souks and ancient buildings. Visiting it involves a trip to the Dubai Museum or Al Fahidi Fort where you will see countless wonders not to be missed.

Apart from old Dubai, you also have the opportunity to discover other places in the country, rich in history and entertainment, with your colleagues. These include:

  • Downtown Dubai
  • Jumeirah District
  • Dubai Marina & JBR
  • Desert, etc.

The top 10 activities to do in Dubai for a corporate retreat team building

You have the opportunity to enjoy several activities during a team building offsite in Dubai. Here is an overview of the top 10 activities you can engage in with your team:

3.1. Smash room

A few hours in a smash room or destruction room is a way for you to get rid of all the frustrations that have overwhelmed you. You have access to numerous weapons and materials to destroy. Moreover, you can also share this experience with your office colleagues and take revenge on various devices. This is particularly the case for printers, computers, etc.

3.2. Beach Olympic Games

The Beach Olympic Games include classic games such as tug of war, sack race… But that’s not all, what makes this team building activity special is the opportunity to play volleyball. They are therefore an excellent alternative for large groups that need to further strengthen bonds to achieve perfect cohesion among all team members.

3.3. Rush-a-way challenge

It’s a series of games including treasure hunt, big race, etc. The game is played in teams of four people who traverse the city to solve the imposed problem. The members must thus demonstrate good physical, mental, but also geographical capabilities. And to succeed with flying colors in the challenges, it would be more judicious to form a team with someone knowledgeable about the region.

3.4. Dragon Boat Racing

This is a traditional sport from China. Dragon boat racing involves navigating in group on a boat shaped like a dragon and, of course, trying to finish first. This game demands serious teamwork and perfect cohesion among the group members. It thus tests the ability of members to support each other and to operate together to achieve a common goal.

3.5. Camel Polo Match

As you know, polo is the sport of kings on horseback. But Camel Polo is slightly different from what we all know. In fact, it has an Arabian touch that will be particularly beneficial for colleagues as part of a team building. Instead of a horse, Camel Polo players mount a dromedary in pairs or threes. However, in terms of concepts, the game is quite similar to the classic polo on horseback.

3.6. Adventure Park

From exploratory climbing to extreme climbing, the activities offered at Aventura Adventure Park provide thrilling experiences. They are an excellent way to escape the hectic routine and the confines of the office you face every day. And, in the interest of strengthening mutual trust among team members, tandem rope walking is a must-try activity.

3.7. Paintball Activity

Paintball is a classic team-building activity, whether in Dubai or elsewhere. But especially in Dubai, you have access to a huge space and countless obstacles through which you must navigate to reach your opponents. Thus, paintball is an excellent way to enhance each employee’s ability to work as a team and to trust others.

3.8. Adrenaline at the Autodrome

The autodrome is an unmissable activity for the most adventurous and those seeking an adrenaline rush. It allows you to spend a day driving the most high-performance cars, including Lamborghinis, Audis, Porsches, Ferraris, and various Formula 1 models. And even if you’re not very experienced with speed, you can get assistance and enjoy the thrill it provides.

3.9. Hiking in Hatta

Beyond the metropolitan cities of Dubai, there are also more remote sites you can explore as a group. Hatta, nestled just minutes from the heart of the city, is home to a number of the United Arab Emirates’ historic sites. You can indulge in hiking, either on foot or bike, on the trails of Hatta, but that’s not all. You also have the opportunity to enjoy other activities like kayaking, archery, axe throwing, or even zorbing.

3.10. Dhow Sailing

Dhow sailing offers a breathtaking view of Dubai from the Persian Gulf. This activity originated in the early 20th century. Originally, wooden dhows were used by pearl fishermen, but today they are utilized for tourist purposes. Thus, a cruise on a dhow allows you to relax after an emotionally charged day.

Séminaire d'entreprise et team building à Dubaï

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