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Formerly occupied by a number of global powers, Budapest is a city rich in history but not just that. It also offers incredible views, featuring extraordinary architecture, as well as very delicious cuisine. Especially for businesses, Budapest also stands out as a must-visit destination. This is thanks to the activities that this capital of Hungary offers and in which you can engage. In fact, we offer you a quick overview of the top original activities to do in Budapest as part of a team retreat. Zoom!

Séminaire team building à Budapest

Good reasons to choose Budapest for a team building offsite

Budapest is an outstanding destination no matter the goal of your team retreat. Here are the reasons why!

1.1. The History of Budapest

As you may already know, Budapest is a city rich in history. And be aware that you can feel this as soon as you set foot there. Every iconic center of the city has a story to tell. This is particularly true of the Roman ruins, the summit of Castle Hill, or the Jewish quarter. This presents a more original way to strengthen teams.

1.2. Hungarian Dishes and Beverages

Beyond activities and historic sites in Budapest, Hungarian food and drinks will also delight you. From goulash soup to traditional dishes, not to mention wines, spirits, and brandies, you will have plenty to enjoy. Moreover, cooking, especially for Hungarians, cannot be dissociated from their culture.

1.3. Festivals and Performances

Budapest is home to several festivals every year. This includes music festivals, film festivals, and cultural festivals, among others. As part of a team building in this city, you will be able to discover festivals celebrating food as well as traditional beverages. Hence, you won’t be short of such events, no matter the season.

1.4. Weather and Climate

The temperature in Budapest is warmer and the rainfall is milder. This is one of the best reasons for choosing this destination. The city owes this to the mountains that protect it. And despite a summer that is warmer than other parts of Europe, you can enjoy a pleasant climate in the mid-season, especially in April and November.

2. The must-visit places in Budapest during your team building trip

During your corporate retreat team building in Budapest, as part of a guided tour, with or without local companions, do not miss:

  • Fisherman’s Bastion. It’s to discover Buda Hill in all its glory. It is the most photographed monument in Budapest. Therefore, a trip to the region demands a visit to this fortress with breathtaking views.
  • Ruin Bar Instant. It’s for a vibrant discovery, especially if you are an energetic team. You have 23 rooms to explore across two buildings to conclude your day.
  • St. Stephen’s Basilica of Pest. It’s to get a glimpse of the 19th-century buildings, the richest in history. In fact, this basilica houses the relic of the right hand of the first Hungarian king, hence its name.
  • Central Market Hall. It’s to behold the largest covered market in the region, covering more than 10,000 square meters. But know that Central Market Hall is much more than just a market, it’s a true masterpiece.
  • Margaret Island. It’s to enjoy nature away from the deafening noises of the cities. You can access it on foot or by tramway. But, regardless of the means you choose, it’s a great way to enjoy a moment of relaxation with your colleagues.

The top 5 unique activities to do as a team in Budapest

You can engage in multiple activities, depending on the goal of your team retreat in Budapest. From sightseeing to relaxation and discovery activities, there is a plethora of activities to choose from. Here’s our top 5 must-do activities in Budapest for a team building event

3.1. Take a guided tour of the city with the Hungarians

Taking a city tour with the Hungarians allows you to discover more than 10 historic, architectural, or cultural sites in Budapest. Such a tour usually lasts between two and a half and three hours, depending on the length and number of sites you visit. The greatest asset of this activity? You enjoy an exceptional professional and entertaining experience under the guidance of true locals.

3.2. Learn local cuisine with starred chefs

Local cuisine is one of Budapest’s highlights. In addition to tasting it, you can also learn to prepare unique dishes with experienced chefs. This activity also helps to increase camaraderie within a group. The four-hour cooking class is preceded by a walk through the markets. Afterwards, you can enjoy the dishes you’ve prepared with your teammates.

3.3. Experience a unique thrill in the rage room

In the rage room, you can destroy objects and thereby release tensions and stress accumulated at work. This activity is sure to please everyone and is quite unique. The room offers complete equipment, including items to smash. However, you can always bring your own. Among other things, this activity also gives you the opportunity to participate in an outdoor car smashing if you are in a group.

3.4. Tour Budapest from the water

Exploring Budapest from the water is another way to discover the wonders of the city. This activity includes numerous tips, especially regarding the use of canoes and equipment, organizing the water trip, etc. You can assemble your group as you wish. This helps strengthen bonds and trust among team members even further.

3.5. Enjoy a good rest in the thermal baths

This activity perfectly meets the needs of employees to relax and enjoy a moment of camaraderie. Budapest has a considerable number of spas, hot springs, and large pools where you can lounge after a day of sightseeing in the city. Moreover, it’s an excellent way for business owners to prioritize the mental and physical well-being of their employees.

4. Our tips for organizing your team building in Budapest

Organizing a team building offsite in Budapest is no small feat overall. However, by following these tips, you can be sure to successfully conduct your offsite in Budapest.

First, set clear objectives for your team building offsite and communicate them internally. Having an overview of what you are looking for throughout the organization of the activity will make the rest of your planning smoother.

Next, list the activities that meet the objectives you have set. And as you know, you have a wide range of options for a Team building in Budapest. So, you just have to choose those that will appeal to the majority. And don’t forget to include some relaxation activities.

Finally, address all logistics-related issues. Choose a friendly and warm accommodation for this purpose. Opt for calm and very different environments from the corporate setting so that employees can properly unwind.

Séminaire team building à Budapest

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