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Are you planning to organize your corporate event outside of France? There are many possibilities available today. However, we suggest a team building in Amsterdam if you want to break away from the beaten path and ensure the success of your professional event. Moreover, we can offer a wide range of activities, and you can choose based on your objectives, the number of participants, the duration of their stay in Dutch territory, and your budget. Discover the 5 best team building activities that can be organized in Amsterdam.

Organiser un séminaire de team building à Amsterdam

Top 5 activities to do in Amsterdam

There is a wide variety of activities that can be included in your team building in Amsterdam. Here is a selection of the top 5 activities you can incorporate into your event.

1.1. Choreography Workshop

If you want your team building in Amsterdam to truly stand out, we encourage you to opt for a choreography workshop. It’s not necessary for your team members to be experienced dancers to enjoy this unique experience in Dutch territory. Indeed, instructors will guide them through dance steps and try to recreate the choreographies of Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, or Dirty Dancing. They can also choose music they like and create a choreography to it. In any case, the instructors are there to encourage and guide them in this quick immersion into the world of dance. The final choreographies can even be filmed to allow your employees to keep a beautiful memory of these unique moments. This activity will help them with better movement coordination, and to have a sense of balance and rhythm.

1.2. Tree-top Adventure Park

During your team building in Amsterdam, you can also organize a tree-top adventure park activity for your team. It’s suitable for everyone because it’s possible to choose among several climbing paths to reach the top of the trees. The height of the canopy can vary between 2.5 and 15 meters, depending on the path chosen. The excitement and adrenaline are at their peak throughout the duration of the activity. However, accident risks are minimized, as participants are equipped with safety gear before starting to climb. In addition, experienced climbing instructors will guide and advise them. This team building activity in Amsterdam will encourage your employees to support each other and to push their limits.

1.3. Scavenger Hunt through Amsterdam

This is the perfect opportunity to discover Amsterdam and its beautiful streets in a different way. This team building activity in Amsterdam requires participants to face various challenges and solve puzzles posed to them throughout the course. They must also search for different information that helps them solve these puzzles. However, this should not stop them from taking breaks to enjoy a cup of coffee, accompanied by a delicious stroopwafel. This tour lasts on average 2 hours, but it can be shortened or extended according to your needs.

1.4. Paintball Session in Amsterdam

If you wish to add a touch of originality to your team building in Amsterdam, opt for a paintball session where your employees will be divided into several teams. These teams will engage in battle, shooting each other with colorful pellets. This activity is conducted in complete safety since each participant will be equipped with a helmet and protective gear. They will even resemble real soldiers in operation as they carry semi-automatic weapons along with paintball pellets. You can choose from several variations for the activity’s objective, such as manhunt, attack-defense, flag conquest, etc. This allows you to offer an innovative experience to your employees and encourage them to exceed their limits and support each other.

1.5. Culinary City Tour

To make your team building in Amsterdam truly original, we suggest a culinary city tour. With this in mind, participants are invited to taste street foods throughout the city. This involves discovering the food that Amsterdammers consume every day. It’s an opportunity for your team members to enjoy these dishes and also to learn more about the history of the menus. They may even meet the chefs who have devised these menus. They will be accompanied by a team of experienced tour guides who will provide all the answers to their questions. Depending on your employees’ schedule and availability, it’s even possible to organize this activity during the day or in the evening.

2. The other activity options

Here is the top 5 team building activities in Amsterdam. However, you can perfectly replace one or two activities with others if you wish.

For example, it’s possible to go indoor karting. This allows the activity to be done regardless of weather conditions. The track is quite technical as it features a succession of high-speed straight lines and difficult turns. This activity is not only for motorsport enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies.

But we can also offer you a tour of the canals that have made the city world-famous. To make the experience truly unique, it’s advisable to choose canals that are not accessible to large boats. Charismatic tour guides will tell your team members about the history of these canals as well as interesting anecdotes. It’s a beautiful experience for them and allows them to spend a great time together in a unique setting.

3. Trusting a Professional

However, it is important to know that the organization of a team building in Amsterdam is not an easy task! That’s why it’s advisable to turn to a professional in this field to ensure the event is a total success.

We offer you our extensive experience and expertise in setting up a team building. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything as we take care of event preparation. This represents a saving of time and money for your company.

Organiser un séminaire de team building à Amsterdam

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