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Faro is a city in Portugal and the capital of the Algarve. Initially, with its airport that welcomes millions of tourists each year, Faro remains even today a stopover for many tourists yet it is a very beautiful Portuguese city, ideal for a family vacation or a corporate trip. If you intend to choose Algarve/Faro for your next team building, here are the original animations and activities you can do with your colleagues to strengthen your team’s cohesion.

Team Building en Algarve à Faro

Top 10 Activities to Do in Faro (Algarve)

For a program filled with good spirits, here are some discovery, sharing, and team cohesion activities to do during a corporate retreat in Algarve/Faro.

1. Excursion in the Ria Formosa natural reserve

The Ria Formosa natural reserve is located in the south of Portugal. It is a protected natural park that serves as an economic source for Algarve and for Portugal in general. This natural reserve is distinguished by the variety of its landscapes and also because of its unique location. Being among the 7 natural wonders of Portugal, it exudes tranquility and peace. An ideal place for your team to recharge together and connect with nature. The excursion can end with a tasting of the city’s traditional cuisine, in order to create a moment of conviviality among colleagues.

2. Fishing in the Algarve reefs

Fishing is one of the main resources in Algarve/Faro. Therefore, it’s the ideal place for fishing. With your team, it’s an essential activity to do during a corporate trip in the city. Colleagues will share strong moments together. To reach the destination, you take a well-equipped fishing boat. During the adventure, you can enjoy the breathtaking landscape of Faro. It’s also an activity that allows launching some competition among team members. Which team will catch the biggest fish? An activity to strengthen team spirit that says a lot about the qualities and strengths of each member.

3. Going to Praia de Faro beach

This Portuguese city is located by the sea, however, its beach is not there. But don’t worry. It only takes a few kilometers to get there. By car, it only takes a few. It’s worth taking the opportunity to spend quality time with your colleagues throughout the journey. Praia de Faro is a vast beach with 5 km of fine sand that ends at Quinta do Lago beach. An ideal relaxation spot for well-being activities during an offsite. The goal is to calm the mind, to regain energy before returning to work at the office.

4. Sports games on the beach

The sporting activities during a team retreat are perfect for re-energizing your colleagues. As Faro has very beautiful beaches with golden sands, take advantage of this during your trip by playing sports games, without forgetting to relax. During this activity, divide your team. The goal is to create a social bond among them while improving their cohesion. Beach volleyball, beach racquets, beach soccer, speedminton, etc. It’s up to you to find the beach game that suits the whole team. After this activity, a closeness is created between your teams to the rhythm of their triumphs or defeats.

5. Jeep adventure between teams

Introduce your colleagues to the thrilling off-road adventures in a Jeep. During the tour, you can enjoy nature together at the heart of traditional villages. Thanks to this all-terrain vehicle, you can roam the forests of Faro, you can also enjoy the natural pools on the roads and especially, you can taste the local products. All this with your colleagues with the aim to release the pressure due to daily stress and to ensure a moment of sharing and conviviality.

6. Historical Discoveries

In Faro, there are two ancient ruins that are worth discovering: Milreu and Aljezur. During the visit to these two ruins, you will immerse yourself in the life of the Roman era. With your team, it’s the moment to explore how the Romans lived. It should be noted that in addition to strengthening team cohesion, the team building is also a team formation aimed at discovering new things together, outside of the office.

7. Boat Tour

A boat tour is also a wonderful adventure to have among colleagues. For this, you need to rent a boat that will offer you a peaceful day along the Portuguese coast. This activity allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of the city and can very well end with a swim in the middle of the ocean. Obviously, for those who know how to swim and are not afraid of the vastness of the ocean.

8. Kayaking

One of the activities to prioritize during a corporate trip to Algarve/Faro is kayaking to discover the coasts and cliffs. A moment to boost the teamwork of your collaborators. By enjoying the beautiful landscape, they work in teams, especially in pairs for this discovery of the Algarve coast. While touring the coast, you can also enjoy the beaches you encounter during this wonderful journey.

9. Visit the Faro Cathedral

Passing through Faro without visiting its cathedral is like not being there at all. Located in the city center, the Sé is one of the most visited places in the city. During the visit to the Faro Cathedral, in addition to spending quality time with colleagues, they will also discover the history of this monument. They can also enjoy the breathtaking view from the tower of the Sé.

10. Discover the City’s Culinary Specialties

Nothing is more convivial than sitting down with colleagues around a table to enjoy the culinary specialties of the visited city. In Faro, the most famous dish is undoubtedly the Cataplana, a combination of fish and seafood. You can also taste other dishes like octopus rice or piri piri chicken. The choice is yours to pick the most original activity to make your team building in Algarve/Faro unforgettable.

Team Building en Algarve à Faro

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