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Stockholm is becoming an increasingly popular destination in recent years. Indeed, the Swedish capital is both attractive and enriching. It’s the ideal destination for nature lovers and those seeking a complete change of scenery. Currently, more and more companies are choosing this city, nicknamed “the city floating on water,” for a team building offsite due to its many fun and attractive activities. Have you decided to strengthen your team’s cohesion by going to Stockholm? Here are the top 9 activities to do for a team building offsite in the capital of Sweden.

Corporate retreat team building in Stockholm

1. Discover the Stockholm archipelago on a cruise

This is a must-do activity during a team retreat in Stockholm. This city is indeed made up of 30,000 islands and islets, including Grinda, Vaxholm, Sandhamn, and Värmdö. Given its size, it is ranked as one of Sweden’s largest archipelagos. A boat is the best way to discover the beauty of this archipelago. You will be able to stroll along the water, enjoy breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea, and benefit from a panoramic view of the city’s must-see sites.

2. Visit the Viking Museum

One of the must-do activities during a team retreat in Stockholm is visiting the Viking Museum, the site that attracts the most visitors in this Swedish capital. This museum collects several archaeological objects that tell the lifestyle of the Vikings. You will discover shipbuilding techniques from that era, try on helmets and warrior clothes. You even have the possibility to talk to a Viking. Besides archaeological elements, this site also offers sound effects and projections on the theme. During your visit to the Viking Museum, do not hesitate to hire a guide so you can understand and absorb all the anecdotes from the Viking era.

3. Play a treasure hunt game

If you are looking for a fun activity for your team building in Stockholm, try the treasure hunt game. Different establishments offer educational and playful routes through riddles. You will solve puzzles while exploring Stockholm, uncover hidden gems at sites, etc. In short, there are various games that will certainly please your employees and, above all, strengthen their cohesion and improve their communication.

4. Discover hot air ballooning

If you are looking for a thrilling activity, why not try hot air ballooning? Not only will you be able to get closer to the clouds, but you will also discover the Swedish capital from the sky. You will thus enjoy an exceptional view of the city’s treasures. This activity also allows you to enrich your knowledge about hot air balloons. You will attend its preparation, learn about its operating mode, etc.

5. Learn how to ski

Stockholm has an impressive ski resort where your employees can learn to ski and have fun. This resort, located in the center of the city, consists of 5 slopes of different levels. You will also find a snowpark and a playground for children. As it is located in the center of Stockholm, it is easily accessible whether by car, bus, or boat. For equipment, you can rent it at the establishment. It is worth noting that this activity is ideal for a team retreat in winter.


6. Discover the traditional dishes of Stockholm

For a team building offsite rich in discoveries, you can suggest your colleagues visit restaurants, cafes, bars for culinary discoveries. The goal is to taste typical Stockholm dishes, discover new flavors, and try high-quality ingredients. You can also meet local chefs or participate in cooking workshops, etc. Do not hesitate to hire tourist guides to benefit from valuable advice. This activity helps strengthen camaraderie among your colleagues and also sharpens their culinary creativity.

7. Enjoy kayaking

Kayaking during a team building offsite is the best solution to improve cohesion, communication, and coordination of your professional team. It is also a way to help them excel. Indeed, you will be able to learn kayak usage techniques by calling on a professional guide. Through a short kayak ride, you will also discover the magnificent sites of the city, meet wild animals like eagles, seals, etc. In short, touring the city by kayak is both an entertaining and playful activity.

8. Plan a yoga session

By organizing a team building offsite in Stockholm, invite your collaborators to participate in a well-being break during a yoga session. The postures and breathing will allow them to relieve their stress and anxiety and bring them fulfillment. Indeed, yoga classes improve sharing and teamwork, encourage motivation, and respect. In short, they develop collective performance. In Stockholm, several establishments offer yoga sessions. A teacher is at your disposal to initiate you in the movements and postures to adopt to soothe your body and spirit.

9. Go fast with karting

Offering your collaborators a race on a track is an excellent way to develop their motivation. Indeed, organizing a karting day helps eliminate stress and highlight good humor and joy. You will also be able to introduce your team to a more authentic activity that combines adrenaline, quick decision-making, and anticipation. This helps strengthen cohesion and team spirit. Karting is also a challenge game that allows your employees to surpass themselves in order to achieve their objectives. You will thus develop in them a taste for competition during your team building offsite in Stockholm.

Corporate retreat team building in Stockholm

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