Samuel Krief 04.04.2024 Team Building Trip To Malta

Interested in discovering new horizons during your next team building? At, we invite you to embark on a journey to Malta. With natural treasures and cultural heritage, discovery and emotions await you during this trip. As a bonus, engage in original activities that strengthen team spirit among your colleagues. Focus on these team building activities to do in Malta.

Discover the island of Gozo

Gozo is one of the main islands of Malta. What makes it a must-see during your team building trip to Malta, is that it is the ideal terrain for engaging in motorized tourism. During your visit to Malta, immerse yourself in the wild and authentic scenery of Gozo.

Discover its hidden treasures and natural heritage such as Calypso’s cave or the Il-Qala lookout. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the valleys of Ramla and Simar, which will offer you superb Mediterranean landscapes.

To make the adventure unforgettable, this exploration of the island can be done aboard a jeep or quad. You have the choice between guided or self-driving, you can even enter a race against your colleagues to get an adrenaline rush. So, choose your vehicle and try to come out as the victor of this competition!

2. Exploring the Maltese Capital

Valletta, the Maltese capital, is a place not to be missed during a team building in Malta. Indeed, thanks to its history and unique architecture, this city is the perfect spot to organize a staple team building activity: the treasure hunt.

Upon your arrival in the capital, split into several teams and receive the instructions and materials you need to find the city’s hidden treasure. At the starting signal, rush through the cobbled streets of Valletta to uncover the clues and solve the puzzles assigned to you for this hunt.

If your team prefers night-time outings and adventures, note that the Maltese capital is also suitable for a ghost hunt. So, at the end of the day, head to Merchants Street, the starting point of this original hunt.

Your challenge here is to uncover the legends and mysteries of Valletta. You must follow the trail of the most famous pirates, ghosts, and murderers of the capital, all while delving into chilling and terrifying stories with a setting worthy of a haunted house at Halloween. Expect fright, suspense, a lot of laughter, and an opportunity for your team members to learn how to react in an unusual situation, and especially how to face adversity during this ghost hunt.

3. Participate in a gourmet cooking workshop

To discover Maltese cuisine, which shares some similarities with Italian cuisine, there’s nothing better than getting hands-on during a cooking workshop. In a course lasting 2 to 3 hours, learn to whip up Malta’s culinary specialties. Then, to extend this moment of sharing and conviviality, taste your dishes during a team lunch or dinner.

Another advantage of this workshop, besides cohesion and acquiring new skills, is the ability to recreate the recipes learned during the workshop at home. An opportunity to bring a little piece of Malta into your home and share it with your family and friends.

4. Meeting Mdina’s Glassblowers

Mdina is the artistic center of Malta. Indeed, it’s in this city where you can see the world’s most renowned glassblowers in action. During this team retreat, plan a visit to the Mdina Glass workshop and marvel at the dexterity displayed by the glassblowers as they work the glass. You’ll be amazed to see that these artists can shape glass into unusual forms as if they were handling paper.

If you wish to take an additional souvenir from this team retreat in Malta, know that you can order a piece of blown glass in your company’s colors. A piece that you can, moreover, proudly display in your premises. You just need to plan ahead to place your order.

For your team retreat, Malta promises a stay full of emotions, adrenaline, and new discoveries. In short, a destination to seriously consider for a corporate trip abroad. To make your team retreat an exceptional event, do not hesitate to call on to organize your stay. We guarantee beautiful moments to share with your team.


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