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In search of an ideal destination for organizing a corporate retreat? Spain is currently one of the best European, if not global, destinations for events such as offsites or team building. This country of many faces is marked by consistently beautiful weather. Whether you’re looking for a modern city or a more remote area, our Iberian neighbor offers a multitude of possibilities in terms of incentives.

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Spain, among the top three corporate retreat locations

Only surpassed by the United States and Germany, Spain ranks third among the best destinations for organizing a corporate retreat. This country has adapted to the growing demand, now boasting a wide range of hotels and venues designed for corporate retreats.

Spain’s natural charm, culture, and way of life allow all group members to experience a change of scenery and break away from daily life. With thirty-three international airports serving the territory, it becomes easy and quick to reach the chosen region for your corporate retreat, without necessarily going through large urban areas or other transition regions.

Rich in history, Spain is a blend of modernity and exoticism, all that is needed for unforgettable moments among colleagues, in the best conditions in terms of comfort and sensations. The great diversity of its regions also makes Spain a preferred destination for organizing a corporate retreat.

A corporate retreat in Madrid is different from a corporate retreat in Barcelona or Valencia in terms of experience and atmosphere. It is easy to find quality reception halls almost everywhere in the country.

Besides the usual customizable fun activities, the corporate retreat venues in Spain generally offer unique animations related to local culture and traditions.

2. The advantages of a corporate retreat in Spain

Favored by Mother Nature, Spain has several natural attractions such as its striking and varied landscapes. Completely changing the scenery and having a good time in an exotic destination without having to travel to the other side of the world is also an advantage of organizing a corporate retreat in Spain.

A one-and-a-half-hour flight is enough to go from Paris to Barcelona and two hours for Paris to Madrid. The proximity of France to this beautiful country, nicknamed “the Bull’s Skin,” plays in our favor. You can very well organize a corporate retreat in Spain, even for a very short duration.

A corporate retreat in Spain is also a quality cultural and tourist trip. Discover several cities ranked as World Heritage Sites, purely Spanish traditional festivals, the arts, local, authentic gastronomy, or even ultra-modern facilities.

Despite the increasing number of corporate retreat enthusiasts in Spain, the country’s significant hotel capacity allows it to keep pace and welcome companies from all over the world 365 days a year. There is something for everyone: from five-star luxury hotels to unique spaces with traditional accents.

And even though Spain is the third most chosen country in the world for organizing a corporate retreat, affordable prices are among its many advantages.

3. The essential cities for a corporate retreat in Spain

The Spanish territory is brimming with must-visit destinations. Some are essential to see at least once in a lifetime. What are the most popular corporate retreat locations and places to explore during an incentive trip to Spain?

3.1. Madrid

The Iberian capital is a key stop to discover the art of painting and several cultural sites during a corporate retreat in Spain. The modernity of its hotel complexes and urban infrastructure, particularly the immense Santiago Bernabeu stadium, are all reasons to organize a corporate retreat there.

3.2. Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia is a country within a country. Organizing a corporate retreat in Barcelona means choosing a city with authentic charm, marked by purely Catalan traditions, unique cuisine, and welcoming inhabitants. The city also boasts ultra-modern infrastructures like the Camp Nou stadium, the city’s pride.

3.3. Ibiza

The Spanish capital of nightlife and nocturnal events, Ibiza can ideally host a corporate retreat or team building while enjoying nautical activities during the day.

3.4. Seville

The Andalusian capital welcomes corporate retreats in an exotic setting. Seville is marked by history, and its cultural heritage is visible through its unique setting. Geographically flat, it’s the most bike-friendly city in the country. It is possible to fully explore it by bike thanks to its kilometers of dedicated bike paths.

3.5. The Spanish Basque Country

Located a bit apart but easily accessible from France thanks to its two airports, the warm Basque Country is recommended for corporate retreats with participant numbers not exceeding fifty.

3.6. Palma de Mallorca

Choose this charming island, equipped with modern infrastructures ideal for corporate retreats. Being near the great blue, the stay unfolds with feet in the water, and you can breathe in the sea air fully. From the Canary Islands to Malaga, Salamanca, or even Toledo, a plethora of other destinations will efficiently welcome your corporate retreats or team buildings.

Spain has countless destinations with a unique charm and atypical atmosphere. If the charm and cultural identity of Spain have appealed to you and you wish to organize a corporate retreat there, do not hesitate to contact A project manager will assist you in bringing this wonderful project to life by providing all the best advice! Viva España!

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