Samuel Krief 04.04.2024 Corporate Retreat For 200 People

Organizing a corporate retreat is a complex task in itself, and the complexity increases further when it’s an event for 200 people, which can become a real headache. Beyond transportation and accommodation, selecting on-site activities can be complicated due to the large number of participants. We assist business leaders and human resources managers by offering “all inclusive” packages.


We provide you with a highly experienced team to meet your colleagues’ expectations at every moment of the offsite. We are committed to ensuring the success of your professional event and will make every effort to ensure a smooth course for your corporate trip. We will ensure that your team retreat marks your colleagues and brings them the motivation and commitment you expect from them.

Séminaire de 200 personnes

Definition and communication of the number of participants

Initially, it is crucial to establish and communicate the exact number of participants, which in this case is 200, for optimal preparation of transportation and accommodation. Clarifying this detail facilitates moving on to subsequent research phases.

2. Development of Budget Proposals

After confirming the number of participants, we will be able to propose various budget envelopes. Each will include a variety of services, allowing the event to be tailored to your financial resources.

3. Transportation Planning

For transportation, a fragmented approach could be adopted, for example, by dividing the group in two, with 100 people each. This approach simplifies the supervision of employees during the trip.

4. Selection of Group Activities

Once on site, it is recommended to prioritize group activities. Participants can be divided into sub-groups based on relevant criteria, such as affinities or at random, thus promoting interaction among colleagues who interact less frequently.

5. Booking Accommodations

Booking accommodations, especially in popular cities like Paris, can be challenging. Defining the exact number of participants upfront facilitates booking, although finding a hotel for 200 people requires advanced planning.

6. Searching for the Ideal Location

Choosing the location is crucial for the success of your team retreat. If the search proves complex, our expertise will benefit you. We are at your disposal to suggest venues and captivating activities that will enrich your team retreat.

7. Professional Support

Organizing a successful team retreat for 200 people demands considerable effort. Our agency,, is ready to assist you, accompanying you at each stage - before, during, and after the event. Our experience, our collaborative tools, and our professionalism are major assets in making your corporate retreat an impactful event that meets both your expectations and those of your employees.

Séminaire de 200 personnes

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