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Are you looking for the best way to strengthen the bonds between your employees and thus improve their quality of life at work? It is recommended to organize team building sessions during corporate retreats, a practice that is becoming more widespread. With the many activities it offers, Lyon is the perfect destination for a successful professional meeting.

Découverte en bateau à Lyon

The good reasons to organize a corporate retreat

Each year, the number of French companies organizing corporate retreats continues to increase. Indeed, during these few days, aside from work meetings, playful activities are planned.

While these events used to take place within the company previously, nowadays, business leaders are increasingly turning to offsite corporate retreats.

Indeed, it is easier to achieve the set objectives when teams are in a different environment. This practice, coming straight from the United States, offers many advantages:

  • It makes it easy to achieve the professional goals you have set. Indeed, a perfectly organized corporate retreat is an effective way to promote your activity or the products you offer. It is an effective communication tool. By gathering your collaborators in the same place and giving an attractive aspect to the meeting, it is easier to disseminate a defined message.
  • By including team building sessions dedicated to relaxation in your corporate retreat, you naturally create a team spirit. To foster genuine cohesion among your collaborators, it is necessary to choose activities based on communication. Thus, your employees will get to know each other better. The goal is to improve exchanges to establish a good working atmosphere.
  • Setting up a defined program based on everyone’s favorite outdoor activities is necessary. Want to motivate your employees? Take advantage of this event to thank them and reward the most productive by offering them a bonus, a surprise gift, or a certificate. The goal is to encourage them to work harder and give their best.

Lyon: the perfect destination for organizing a corporate retreat.

Perfectly accessible and benefiting from an ideal geographical location, the city of Lyon is perfect for hosting your corporate retreat. Indeed, numerous options are available to you in terms of hotels, catering, meeting room rentals, and team-building activities.

Running out of ideas for your offsite in Lyon? By entrusting us with the organization of this event, you are ensuring a memorable stay for your team. With our knowledge of the hotel industry, we help you quickly find the establishment that meets your expectations and budget.

Indeed, we offer you a list of Lyon hotels that meet your needs in terms of standard or number of rooms. Regarding services, it is possible to request that meals be served in several different ways (buffet, plated, etc.). This way, you ensure to meet all the expectations of your group in terms of menu or schedules. The opportunity is also ideal for savoring the culinary specialties of the region and discovering the local gastronomy, whether for lunch or dinner.

Do you have preferences regarding location? Do you prefer a location close to where your meetings or team-building activities will take place? Just send us your requirements. It is also possible to choose a hotel located not far from Old Lyon to allow your employees to fully relax once your meeting sessions are over.

3. The top incentive activities to prioritize in Lyon

Lyon offers a plethora of enjoyable team retreat activities to strengthen team cohesion. To explore the capital of Gaul in all its glory, our team can organize a guided tour.

Whether on foot, by electric bike, or segway, traverse the cobbled streets of the city and venture off the beaten path. The hills of Fourvière and Croix Rousse are points of interest that are second to none compared to other must-see places in Lyon, discovered during a team rally. You are free to integrate the activities of your choice if your budget allows it.

Embark on an adventure on the Rhône by paddleboard or kayak, or lead your team through the Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse. Food lovers will be delighted to discover this universe considered the essential crossroads of flavors and tastes during the guided tour.

Add the “Wine Making Academy” animation to your corporate trip team-building program in Lyon for a unique journey into the world of wine. To introduce you to oenology, genuine professional equipment will be provided for you to blend wines from vinified varietals. The tasting session is followed by the election of the best wine and the awarding of a prize to the winning team. Your coworkers will long remember their stay in Lyon with a gala dinner followed by a dance evening organized in a castle for more enchantment.

By entrusting the organization of your corporate trip to Lyon to, your stay will be marked by adventure, sharing, and good spirits. Whatever your goals, contact our team without delay. We support you in creating a tailor-made program including accommodation, catering, activities, and transfers.

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