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When the company’s time and budget allow, choosing an international destination for a team building event is an excellent choice. Among those to try, we recommend Iceland, a Nordic country that will undoubtedly dazzle you with its unique locations and landscapes worthy of fairy tales. Amidst this heavenly setting, you will be free to set up all the challenges and activities that allow your employees to get to know each other better and build strong bonds. To assist you in organizing this event, find below our selection of team building activities to do in Iceland.

Teambuilding en Islande : Immersion en pleine nature Islandaise

Descend into the bowels of the Thríhnjúkagígur volcano

Speaking of Iceland, it’s all about volcanoes! Indeed, this country is home to over 200 craters, more than a hundred of which are still active. Thus, it’s unthinkable to visit this country without taking a look at what makes it famous. The essential spot for volcanic tourism is the Thríhnjúkagígur volcano. It’s located about 30 minutes’ drive from the city of Reykjavik and has been dormant for 4 millennia. Therefore, exploring its interior is not dangerous, contrary to what its name might suggest. On the contrary, if you’re looking to offer an unusual experience to your team members, this exploration is an activity not to be missed. During this particular excursion, you will descend almost 200 meters underground to access one of the volcano’s magma chambers. You will be able to admire the beauty of the walls which reflect myriad captivatings and impressive colors. Note that warm clothing is essential, as the temperature deep underground is relatively low.

2. Organize an ice karting competition

Ice and snow are elements inseparable from Iceland. So, why not take the opportunity to organize some friendly challenges among colleagues? Here, we propose an ice karting tournament. It’s like regular karting, but instead of a tarmac track, you’ll be driving on an ice track. Therefore, you’ll need to be particularly skilled to avoid uncontrolled skidding around tight turns or wide curves. For those who don’t feel brave enough for this ice adventure yet, you can cheer on the participants from the stands surrounding the tracks. On the agenda: an incredibly lively atmosphere among the spectators and a spirit of competition more intense than ever among the participants.

Participate in a snowmobile race.

Always in the winter competition atmosphere, you can also organize a snowmobile race during your team building. Being part of the Icelandic cultural activities, snowmobiling is a must-try activity when visiting the country. What you will gain from this race:

  • A sense of freedom due to speed
  • An opportunity to strengthen cohesion among your collaborators, as teamwork and mutual support are necessary to reach the glaciers and to progress within the caves
  • A unique experience that you cannot live anywhere else

So, ready to try this snowmobiling adventure during your team building trip to Iceland?

4. Appreciate the beauty of nature on a sled

If you want to know how it feels to explore the snowy mountains on a sled, then a team building in Iceland is the perfect opportunity to try the experience. Indeed, this destination is perfectly suited for a safari in the company of sled dogs. For this activity, you can opt for a guided tour. For the more adventurous, you can pilot the sled yourself. You can even form a team and then have a small race against other teams.

5. Chase the Northern Lights

When evoking a Nordic country, the Northern Lights are always a highlight. During your team building in Iceland, do not hesitate to take your colleagues to the Icelandic altitudes to observe this phenomenon as rare as it is wonderful. Note that this spectacle can only be appreciated at night. To fully enjoy this outing, moonboots, scarves, and down jackets are therefore essential. Also, do not forget to bring a pair of snowshoes to easily move on the snowy expanse leading to the observation point.

6. Relax in natural hot springs

Although snow and ice are undeniably part of Iceland’s charm, we still want to highlight other aspects of the country. Indeed, Iceland has other assets for your team retreat. To diversify your activities, you can opt for a relaxation session in one of the country’s numerous hot springs. You will have a choice of more than 500 hot springs. Some have even been installed in the middle of a lava field, keeping the water at a temperature of 40 degrees. In short, an experience worth trying to enjoy some warmth and comfort in one of the most original settings.

7. Participating in a unique evening banquet

To gather beautiful memories during this trip, why not conclude your team retreat with a uniquely styled evening banquet? The goal: to taste Icelandic cuisine while extending the playful aspect of the team retreat. For this, we offer you a Viking-themed evening in a stone castle. The challenge: to stay in character until the end of the evening and try to guess the ingredient that makes the Icelandic dish you’re tasting special, all in a friendly atmosphere.

In conclusion, Iceland is an ideal destination for an exceptional team retreat. On the agenda: discovery, nature, and emotions, perfect for reviving and strengthening cohesion among colleagues. For a successful trip, do not hesitate to seek the assistance of our team for the organization of your team retreat in Iceland.

Teambuilding en Islande : Immersion en pleine nature Islandaise

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