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The French region known for its history and cultural identity, reflecting a mix of Swiss, German, and French cultures, Alsace is a dream destination for organizing an exceptional team retreat. The region offers a wide variety of team-based activities, making it the ideal place to strengthen cohesion among your colleagues. Interested in learning more about the charms and advantages of this region? Here are some activity ideas to make your team retreat in Alsace a successful corporate event.

team building en Alsace

Discovering the region by bicycle

The bike road trip is one of the must-do activities when you are visiting Alsace. It’s the best way to discover the beauty of the region while experiencing the Alsatian way of life. For visitors’ enjoyment, the region has developed numerous cycling routes over more than 2,500 km. The most famous route is the Wine Route, a journey that allows you to enjoy the beauty of a postcard landscape. Along with your teammates, on an eco-friendly mode of transport, smoothly navigate between old railway lines, rolling vineyards, ruins of medieval castles, and villages each offering a unique charm. Another bonus of this route: it offers many opportunities for interaction with winemakers as well as moments of wine tasting of locally produced wines.

2. A treasure hunt to discover the Alsatian region differently

What better way to strengthen cohesion among your colleagues than to take them on real-life treasure hunts? On the agenda: a treasure hunt, solving puzzles, or geocaching, all set in a bucolic Alsatian setting. Thus, in addition to the fun and competitive aspect of this activity, you will have the opportunity to visit and discover the historical and cultural heritage of Alsace throughout your quest. In short, a team building activity that we highly recommend.

3. Hikes and walks in an idyllic setting

If your team includes seasoned hikers, or even those who enjoy walks, then you will surely find your happiness by taking, for a hike, the 17,000 km of marked trails that cross the most beautiful landscapes of Alsace. If you wish, you can opt for a crossing of the Vosges massif on foot. A route that will allow you to discover the regional natural parks of the Northern Vosges. Another itinerary not to be missed is the Alsace Castle Trail, a path that will reveal the 80 castles scattered throughout the region. Other itineraries with various levels of difficulty are offered in the region. It’s up to you to choose the trail that suits your team.

4. Winter activities for winter sports enthusiasts

If you’re in Alsace during the winter season, we recommend taking your team on sporting adventures through the Vosges Mountains. Alongside your colleagues, reach the peaks at your own pace by engaging in one of the following activities:

  • Snowshoeing to conquer the snow-covered summits
  • A sled ride to enjoy a unique adventure while discovering Alsace in its most magical setting
  • Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing for those with sliding sports enthusiasts in their team
  • Sledding to share moments of joy and lightness with your team, the perfect combo to ensure stronger cohesion.

For team building, don’t hesitate to organize winter sports olympics. To do this, divide your colleagues into several small teams and have them compete in one of these disciplines. May the best team win!

5. Culinary discovery: an activity not to be missed

After a day of sports activity, take your team on a culinary journey where your coworkers can discover Alsatian flavors. This journey will also bring them a bit of comfort after hours of more or less intense effort during the games. For a gourmet experience with your team, be tempted by the region’s farm inns. Here, taste dishes that are renowned in Alsace like the pretzel, the flammekueche, spätzle, and sauerkraut.

As you can see, Alsace offers many possibilities for team activities for a team building. If you need assistance in organizing your team building in Alsace, do not hesitate to contact our agency. We will offer our expertise to provide a program tailored to your team’s expectations.

team building en Alsace

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