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Greece is universally known for its mythology and famous characters, but even more so for its stunning islands, including Crete. The largest of the Greek islands features a landscape worthy of postcards. Its historical monuments, turquoise waters, and the region’s vibrancy provide an ideal setting for your corporate retreats and group travels. Let’s explore a Greek marvel.

séminaire entreprise en Crète

Corporate trip, discover the 4 wonders of Crete

1.1. Heraklion

Discovering Crete mainly involves exploring four magnificent Greek wonders! Start your journey in Heraklion, Crete’s largest city. It is home to several hotels along a seaside front, popular with tourists. The highlight will undoubtedly be the archaeological site at Knossos. The panoramic view from the Phaistos Palace over the plain and Mount Psiloritis is breathtaking. 

1.2. Chania

Nature and wilderness lovers will find their paradise in Chania with its numerous canyons and famous gorges. In particular, the Samaria Gorge provides the perfect backdrop for hiking and team-building activities. The region is especially known for its White Mountains or Lefká Óri. A mountain range covered in snow even in spring and rich in vegetation.

1.3. Lassithi

Lassithi, “The Sublime”, with its beautiful resorts of Agios Nikolaos and Mirabello will transport you into a magical environment.

1.4. Rethymno

Finally, Rethymno, an ancient city whose Venetian legacy highlights the region’s historical uniqueness. It’s an opportunity to rebuild team cohesion through team-building activities and strengthen connections.

Corporate retreat in Crete, relaxation and sunbathing

Spend your corporate retreat in Crete under the themes of relaxation and tanning. The island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches. With fine sands in white and pink, and turquoise waters, the variety is vast. Visitors always leave satisfied. Moreover, the water is always pleasant at any time of the year.

Falassarna Beach, located in the northeast of the island, offers a spectacular sight. Don’t miss its phenomenal sunset that attracts everyone from lovers to casual onlookers. Fans of vegetation will enjoy the palm grove that characterizes Vaï Beach, a bit further east in Crete. For thrill-seekers, the beaches of Red Beach and Preveli with their steep cliffs surrounded by palm groves and lagoons will stir up the adrenaline you seek.

  1. Loutro, a Cretan sanctuary of peace

Suspended between Agia Rouméli and Chora Skafron, Loutro is a small fishing village where authenticity and originality are still preserved, unaffected by the ravages of urbanization. Far from the tumult of the rest of the region, Loutro will surely be your sanctuary of peace, if you aspire to tranquility and meditation.

Let yourself be charmed by its transparent blue waters. It’s even said that savoring a Raki from a terrace overlooking the waters is unparalleled. The charm of Loutro comes at a cost of its isolation. No roads have been built as yet; the village is accessible only by boat or via a hiking trail.

4. Crete, local land and gastronomy

During your unforgettable stay in Crete, exploring the local land and cuisine is a must. You will certainly not leave this island without tasting the flavors and specialties of Crete that will transport you to the heart of the Mediterranean.

The emblematic products of the region, such as olives and olive oils, will hold a special place in your culinary experience. Indeed, the consumption of olives and extracted oil is widely spread in Cretan habits, and the olive tree has been revered since ancient times.

Furthermore, the mezze, delicious appetizers mainly served in taverns, will surprise you with their diversity. Made with crunchy cucumbers or tomatoes with salt, grilled chickpeas, fresh fava beans, marinated olives, and many other ingredients of your choice, these dishes will introduce you to the authentic flavors of Crete.

5. Crete, Meats and Seafood to Taste

Let’s continue our culinary tour with trahanas, small rice-shaped pasta made from semolina wheat and curdled milk. For red meat lovers, discover stifado, a delicious veal with onions cooked stew-style.

Mollusks also take part, especially snails. During corporate trips in Crete, you will enjoy saligaria or hokhlii, snail stew with garlic and wild herbs. The most indulgent will savor boubouristi, snails fried in oil and sprinkled with wine.

There’s just one more thing you need. As you might have guessed, it’s the traditional Greek cheese feta, which you’ll add to local specialties such as graviera, anthotyros, and especially mizithra.

Embark, and you will undoubtedly be among the travelers to whom Crete leaves beautiful memories.

séminaire entreprise en Crète

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