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Brest is a port city in Brittany, in the northwest of France, divided by the Penfeld River. It’s renowned for its rich maritime history and naval base. At the entrance to the Penfeld, overlooking the port, sits the National Navy Museum, housed in Brest’s medieval castle. A city with multiple facets, perfect for hosting your corporate retreat and organizing various team building activities. On the other side of the river lies the Tanguy Tower, a medieval tower, and to the northeast are the National Botanical Conservatory and the Océanopolis aquarium. Although most of the city was destroyed during World War II, military fortifications like the arms and city’s castle still stand. The city is located near the Atlantic and offers exciting activities, from visiting a world-class aquarium to naval museums. Here are some of the fun activities that will remain memorable if you choose to organize your offsite in Brest.

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Get a 360-degree view of Brest

One of the most innovative projects in the city is the “Plateau des Capucins,” which offers 360° views of the city and even received the Ecodistrict label in 2009. An essential place during a corporate retreat in Brest. You will discover a magnificent panoramic view of the beautiful city of Brest in one place. Moving from one bank to the other has been made even more accessible thanks to the use of cable cars that run between the two banks. We will organize team-building sessions in its workshops, and the photography enthusiasts in your company will appreciate this site. The views allow for taking amazing photos that will leave you with an unforgettable memory of your corporate trip to Brest.

2. Walk along the quays

With your team, walk along the beautiful harbor of Brest. Brest has one of the best natural ports in France, and a visit during your corporate retreat in Brest is well worth it. The commercial port is very active and houses hundreds of colorful buoys. During this walk, we can organize a team-building session with people from the shipyards who continue actively working on building wooden boats.

3. Visit the Château de Brest

The Château de Brest is the city’s oldest monument, located at the mouth of the Penfeld River. A visit to the castle will allow you to understand how it withstood the Second World War, such a strong monument! It’s a guard above the beautiful city of Brest that will take you during your team retreat in Brest into the heart of 17th-century stories.

Relive history at the Maritime Museum

Brest is known for its rich maritime history. Having been a military base, it’s no surprise that the city hosts a maritime museum. During your corporate retreat in Brest, you will learn how the present came to be, so head to the National Maritime Museum, one of Brest’s finest museums. It is located in the city’s historic center, and the museum is housed within a castle dating back to the 17th-century naval construction practices. During this team-building discovery, the museum will allow you to better understand the age-old relationship between Brest and its maritime culture.

5. Experience the Delicious Breton Cuisine

An offsite in Brest is not complete without tasting the delicious regional cuisine. The city offers a wide choice of quality restaurants. Breton gastronomy, like the rest of Brittany, revolves largely around the sea. Due to the proximity to the Atlantic, the seafood served is fresh in town and varied. No dietary option is overlooked, Brest is also vegetarian-friendly with many types of vegetables grown in the region. During your corporate trip to Brest, we will make you taste everything.

6. Enjoy Crepes at Any Time

France is known for its delicious crepes, both sweet and savory. The crepes in Brest are served with a variety of toppings, from the simplest with just sugar to flambéed Suzette crepes or elaborate savory galettes. Enjoy your crepe as a snack or for breakfast, there’s something for everyone! We can also offer you a crepe-making team retreat, to see who are the most creative or the most food-loving in your team.

Spend the day at Océanopolis.

Another interesting activity that you must do during your corporate retreat in Brest is to spend the day at the Océanopolis aquarium. We guarantee that all members of your company will have fun walking under the glass ceiling and walls while observing the turtles and other marine creatures swimming. Océanopolis is one of the biggest attractions in Brest. It houses nearly 1,000 species of marine creatures. There is a series of interactive and animated exhibitions that allow for both adventure and educational visits.

8. Spend some time by the sea

Life in the city of Brest revolves around the sea. That’s indeed how the city was born. A corporate retreat in Brest by the sea will certainly be exciting. There are a number of fun things to do, such as walks along the coast, swimming or other water sports, team-building on the beach, or simply relaxing on the roof of a boat and enjoying the breeze during an excursion.

9. Become one with nature

The Brest National Botanic Conservatory has been committed to saving endangered plant species since 1975. The best place to instill eco-responsibility in your team during your corporate retreat in Brest is precisely this one. It features a reconstitution of the tropical forest, the tropical mountain, and you can see plants that are found only in the botanical garden.

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