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Also referred to as an “incentive trip,” the motivational trip is an excellent way to boost your employees’ morale. If the choice of activities contributes to the success of a motivational trip, the location of the stay is just as important, if not more so. Indeed, Lisbon is among the ideal destinations for organizing an incentive trip. What does the Portuguese capital promise? Let’s take a closer look.

Voyage de motivation

A dream city for a motivational trip

Ideally located, the city of Lisbon is a prime destination that facilitates the organization of a motivational trip. Indeed, the Portuguese capital’s airport is less than 3 hours by flight from Paris. Its airport is also connected to Montpellier, Lyon, or Marseille. Therefore, whether you are a company from Paris, Montpellier, Marseille, or Lyon, you won’t encounter any logistical issues in meeting up. However, if needed, it’s possible to organize a pre-transfer for companies based in cities near Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and Montpellier.

The keyword for a motivational trip is relaxation. In this regard, unlike a corporate retreat which is a perfect mix between work and relaxation, the incentive trip is exclusively focused on leisure. It is organized to motivate teams or to reward them. From that perspective, Lisbon’s dreamy scenery is perfect for giving your employees a real boost. The Portuguese capital is indeed rich in breathtaking landscapes. For instance, a visit to the Alfama district will be organized during your stay. This area stands out with its colorful houses and romantic setting.

If the other tourist areas of the capital do not charm you, then turn to its natural heritage. Lisbon has the particularity of being a city bordered by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Sea of Straw. This allows you to enjoy the beach and other aquatic activities the city has to offer.  

A quality stay in comfortable establishments

By choosing us for the organization of your team retreat in Lisbon, you are guaranteeing yourself a quality stay. Indeed, we only select the best hotels to accommodate you throughout your adventure in Lisbon. All the hotels in Lisbon that will be proposed to you are equipped so that your incentive event goes off without a hitch. With this in mind, you can enjoy wifi on site, single or double rooms. It’s even possible to stay in a hotel with a meeting room if you wish to gather before starting the day.

Moreover, meals will be served upon request. This way, you can enjoy the culinary specialties of the capital and discover Portuguese gastronomy for both lunch and dinner. Note that we do not randomly choose the hotel where you will stay.

In addition to comfort and the quality of the facilities, location is also a crucial criterion for us. We can offer you hotels located in the city center as well as establishments based in more contemporary districts. Thus, you will have easy access to various modes of transportation in the city, but also to the many tourist sites scattered throughout Lisbon. In short, everything is designed so that your trip to Lisbon goes off under the best conditions.

3. The activities during a motivational trip to Lisbon

Lisbon offers no shortage of activities. Those we organize as part of your team retreat aim solely to allow you to have fun and relax while enjoying the charms of the Portuguese capital. Since Lisbon is a coastal city, we can arrange water activities for your company. Thus, the beaches of Cascais can be the venue for introductory surfing sessions. A comprehensive training will be provided to ensure you master all the necessary techniques to conquer the waves.

Alternatively, it’s possible to organize a regatta on the Tagus River. This is the activity to favor for strengthening bonds and testing your team spirit. Naturally, before taking the helm, it will be necessary to listen to instructions on navigation techniques. After a few minutes of briefing, you can raise the sails. The time is now for competition among colleagues! Form teams of 6 or 7 people, take the helm, and compete in this thrilling challenge! If handling the boat seems difficult, your accompanying skipper will be there to help.

If you prefer escapades in the heart of nature, the natural site of Sintra Cascais will be your haven of peace. Indeed, we can organize a safari there during your trip to Lisbon. Located a few kilometers from Lisbon, the Sintra Cascais park unfolds exceptional landscapes: hills, forests, and landscaped gardens. It is also possible to climb the cliffs for a breathtaking view of Lisbon and the maritime villages on the outskirts of the city.

Finally, a little expedition to the Cape of Cabo da Roca is a must. It is the northernmost tip of continental Europe. The sunsets there are simply unique.

Lisbon is a city full of surprises. It’s perfect for a team retreat themed around relaxation, conviviality, and group spirit. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote on organizing your corporate trip to Lisbon.

Voyage de motivation

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