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Who said that team building travel cannot go hand in hand with reducing carbon footprint? Are you a business leader or team manager? Have you recently developed a desire to unite your teams around your organization’s values? Why not opt for a 2-day corporate retreat that complies with CSR constraints? And as you know, France is full of great potential for the success of a corporate retreat.

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Organize an environmentally friendly corporate event

A corporate retreat is an opportunity for a company to project a positive brand image among its employees. It aims to strengthen cohesion among them. It also allows everyone to review objectives, actions taken, or perspectives that can facilitate meeting societal challenges.

But beyond this reason, such an event allows each company to demonstrate its commitment to preserving the planet. To enable everyone to comply with ecological regulations established by CSR strategies, we take care of organizing your eco-responsible corporate retreats.

We choose for the participants a place that is easy to access and nearby. We take into account the importance of reducing the carbon footprint. To do this, we strive to provide our clients with tailor-made services with a positive environmental impact. Participants arrive at the location using public transportation (train, bus, carpooling…) that emits less. We limit individual transportation (car) as much as possible to better serve the ecological needs of CSR.

  1. Two days of exchanges with your colleagues

The French territory has many exceptional places for bringing employees together around the company’s objectives. We have partnerships with the best French hotels and establishments to get you the best rates for a stay of one or two nights. We collaborate with them to offer each company a pleasant team retreat over just a few days.

Concerned about your well-being, in collaboration with our committed partners, we have developed digital tools to convert your event’s carbon rate into a sustainable action. This allows for the revaluation of the devices used for the success of your offsite over 2 days, and more! We are committed to planting trees to offset the carbon impact of the professional event.

Depending on the nature of the event, we help you choose the most suitable French destination for your expectations. Wooden chalets in a mountainous city of the country, eco-lodges, extraordinary hotels, green domains of the gentle regions of France… You have a multitude of places from which you will certainly find the one that matches your corporate culture.

3. 100% eco-friendly offsite: What about the catering?

When organizing a corporate retreat over 2 days in Paris or elsewhere in France, it’s vital to introduce the participants to the culinary specialties of each destination. And what better way than with dishes made from certified organic food products?

During their stay, participants are fed seasonal and, above all, local foods. The “gastronomy” aspect is managed by committed caterers who cook in a closed circuit. This significantly reduces carbon emissions and ensures good food hygiene.

With the success of the green event at heart, we are committed to minimizing waste. To this end, we ensure the redistribution of leftover food at the end of your stay in one of our not-to-be-missed locations in France, a very healthy way to undertake a solidarity action.

4. Why choose

If you’re looking for a well-known provider in the French market for organizing eco-friendly corporate retreats, you’ve come to the right place. We are experts in low-carbon impact events, no matter the occasion or reasons for the retreat.

We offer all-inclusive, customized retreats that comply with current standards. We provide our clients with the best CSR methodology to ensure they enjoy pleasant stays in dream destinations. So, what are you waiting for to seek our support?

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