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Organization is key to the success of a corporate retreat. The trip must indeed meet the objectives while being adapted to the expectations of the participants and the predefined budget. It also reflects the image that the company projects in terms of hospitality and services. Thus, you must define the objectives of your offsite, where and when it will take place. Which individuals will be invited? Employees from a specific department or the entire staff? Organizing catering and activities is also among the main challenges to overcome for a successful corporate trip. With, discover the keys to properly organize your trip.

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Choose the type of corporate retreat suited to your objectives.

The choice of travel type, theme, and number of participants depends on the objectives to be achieved. Generally, a corporate retreat can be organized with an informational purpose (in case of a crisis or change within the company) or for relationship-building (e.g., integrating new recruits). Accordingly, you will have the choice between:

  • The sales offsite. Salespeople, their managers, and possibly clients will be invited for the presentation of new products.
  • The training corporate trip, allowing designated or voluntary staff to improve their English level, computer skills, etc.
  • The executive team retreat, generally focusing on decision-making or adopting a new strategy.
  • The incentive corporate trip to strengthen team cohesion and boost employee motivation.
  • The integration offsite. Organized after a recruitment campaign, it facilitates interactions between new and existing employees.

2. Organizing a Corporate Retreat: The Date

The beginning of the week is perfect for organizing a successful company offsite. By renting a meeting room on a Monday or Tuesday, you can take advantage of favorable rates. However, the ideal time also depends on the company’s schedule. Indeed, you must consider the vacation schedule, the availability of leaders, the seasonality of your business, etc. In any case, it’s best to choose a date that suits most of the guests, which excludes:

  • Long weekends;
  • Days of sports events;
  • School holidays. This period can be ideal for organizing a corporate retreat if you’re looking for an accessible conference room at affordable rates and outside of tourist areas.

The ideal location for your corporate retreat

To ensure a successful corporate retreat, it’s crucial to choose a location suitable for the number of participants, but also aligned with the predetermined objectives. If you are planning a purely informational trip, opt for calm locations possibly close to the participants’ residences. Want to organize a corporate trip to launch a product? Book a room in a convention center or a prestigious hotel. For an incentive trip or an integration offsite, the ideal choice is a distant destination offering cultural and sportive activities. This time, any meetings will take place in a location conducive to relaxation such as a castle or a manor.

4. What about meals?

A bad note on breakfast can influence the smooth running of a corporate retreat. Thus, you have to choose the type of catering carefully. The choice varies depending on the events:

  • Opt for a standing formula if you wish to create a convivial atmosphere or invite more than 50 people to the event. During the corporate trip, offer a cocktail (aperitif, lunch or dinner) or a buffet (for a somewhat more formal event).
  • The seated meal is ideal for executive offsites and events with external partners or clients.

5. Plan team-building activities

To make your corporate retreat memorable, combine meetings and conferences with team-building activities. They can be varied or focused on a common theme. Here are some examples:

  • Culinary and cultural discovery. Organizing a team retreat in a foreign city gives employees the opportunity to discover local cuisine or historical monuments of the region during a Segway tour.
  • Thrills. Quad biking rallies, skydiving, karting, canyoning, and rafting in groups are all essential activities to increase adrenaline while strengthening ties among colleagues.
  • High-tech. 3D printing, video games, and drone racing are ideal activities to introduce your collaborators to new technologies and boost team cohesion.

Delegate the organization of your corporate retreat to an event agency.

Hiring an event professional is the guarantee of enjoying a memorable stay. No need to worry about the smooth running of your corporate retreat! Interested in this solution, but concerned that your budget might not cover additional expenses such as accommodation, catering, transport, and entertainment costs? It’s best to request a free quote from your event agency like This way, you’ll have a clear idea of the total amount of your expenses. Don’t worry! We cover a wide geographical area including Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and both North and South America.

7. Communicate Before and After the Event

Successfully organizing a corporate retreat also relies on creating a detailed schedule to be shared with all participants. It must include:

  • Scheduled times for welcoming and departure of guests;
  • Meeting/conference times and coffee breaks;
  • Topics to be covered;
  • Possible special guests;
  • Team building activities;
  • Free time hours.
Inform the participants to ensure their attendance and to estimate the number of attendees. After your corporate retreat, assess its success. Were your goals achieved? Are the participants satisfied? Organizing a top-notch corporate retreat is a challenge. To make your event project a success, entrust it to Planning a trip in France or abroad? Whatever the destination, our experts will ensure the smooth running of your corporate retreat, from booking accommodation and meeting rooms to selecting activities tailored to your needs. Whether you wish to organize an incentive trip to Morocco, a retreat in Greece, or a team building in Dubai, our project managers will provide you with the best advice.

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