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A company is organizing a team building to strengthen the bonds among its employees. While the choice of location for the team building or the type of team building is important to ensure the success of such an event, finding the right activities is just as crucial. Discover what you need to know to properly choose the activities to organize within the context of a team building.

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Select team building activities based on the company's objectives.

Team building, which can be literally translated as “team construction” or “team strengthening,” aims to reinforce the bonds among your colleagues. You can thus tailor the activities of your team building according to the objectives of your company. In this view, to improve group cohesion among your partners, the ideal would be to organize an innovative team-building event with atypical and original games. These activities should, however, emphasize interdependence and exclude any form of individualism. For illustration, you can choose team sports like soccer or volleyball to allow your employees to work on their team spirit.

  • If you are organizing your team building with the objective of optimizing your colleagues’ performances, it is advisable to opt for playful activities that have the effect of boosting their competitiveness. In this way, you will be able to motivate your troops and keep their morale high.
  • If you are organizing your team building with the aim of improving the personal development of your team, choose individual activities or those that can be done in small groups. The purpose of these kinds of activities is for everyone to actively participate while enjoying themselves. Thus, your colleagues can flourish and even rediscover themselves. Yoga, meditation, or a team retreat in nature are, for example, excellent activities promoting personal development.
  • If your team building is organized with the aim of improving communication among your colleagues, choose activities and games that encourage exchange. It’s true that conflicts are part of corporate life and that disagreements can arise among colleagues. Thus, invite your collaborators to start afresh and to set aside their differences by participating in games requiring teamwork and listening. For illustration, you can organize a treasure hunt or a laser tag game, and put those with differing opinions on the same team to help them bury the hatchet.
  • Finally, if you wish to organize a team building with the objective of reinforcing your collaborators’ sense of belonging towards your company, the ideal would be to choose activities that broadcast the DNA of your company. In this manner, your collaborators will feel their importance within your company, which will motivate them to be even more efficient by investing more of themselves.

Choose team-building activities based on the theme.

Choosing the right theme is also crucial for defining the activities to organize for a team building event. In this regard, it is necessary that these points are in alignment, depending on the stakes and objectives.

  • If your team building is focused on sports, for example, it would be natural to offer sporting activities to your colleagues. Whether collective or individual, sporting disciplines are always appreciated. You can opt for classics like football, tennis, basketball, or go for something original by organizing kayaking, jet skiing, quad biking, or even snowmobiling. In short, don’t hesitate to surprise your colleagues by organizing games and activities that are out of the ordinary.
  • If your team building emphasizes extreme activities, don’t hesitate to include thrilling activities in the program. Indeed, there is nothing like it to forge strong bonds among your colleagues. Tree climbing, parachute jumping, bungee jumping, or zip-lining are all extreme activities that will elicit strong emotions in your colleagues.
  • If art is at the heart of your team building, then artistic activities should be prioritized to make your event a success. However, avoid mundane activities for this kind of team building. Thus, instead of enrolling your colleagues in orchestra or music workshops, consider making a short film. You can also opt for creating a giant mural to, perhaps, discover a new vocation among your colleagues.
  • By focusing your team building on cultural activities, the ideal would be to organize visits to art galleries, castles, or museums to improve your general culture. It is also recommended to organize your team building in culturally rich cities. It’s also possible to organize tasting sessions to familiarize yourself with local cuisine.
  • If your team building is themed around well-being, then focus on relaxation activities. Perfect both in the context of a reward offsite and in a team building, these activities aim to reward your colleagues’ efforts with a moment of pure relaxation that will make them forget their daily stress. Thus, a spa session, a massage session, yoga, or thalassotherapy should be prioritized.

It is important to choose suitable activities to make your team building successful. By taking into account our advice, you will be able to strengthen the bonds that unite your colleagues. Do not hesitate to contact the team at, we will be pleased to help you organize your team building with fun, sports, and cultural activities.

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