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The success of a company primarily rests on the motivation of its employees. Indeed, they are the key players in the development of the company’s activities, and it is crucial to make them more dynamic. With, discover how to undertake a corporate retreat to boost your team’s motivation.

Séminaire de motivation

A motivational corporate retreat: what is it?

Before diving into the details, it’s wise to clarify what a team retreat motivation is. A team retreat motivation is a management technique aimed at boosting employees’ motivation within a company, so they actively contribute to its development. This practice is trendy and attracting an increasing number of companies. It is a sort of professional meeting that takes place outside the usual work setting, and it can last for an entire day or even a whole weekend.

Although team retreat motivations can be held in traditional conference rooms, companies often choose a tourist location, a seaside resort, a ski resort, or even a site abroad to organize them. Indeed, these team retreat motivations are usually centered around sports or recreational events. They are sometimes organized to facilitate the integration of new employees.

How to succeed in a team retreat motivation?

To succeed in a team retreat motivation, it’s necessary to follow a few steps:

  • Define the objectives of the team retreat motivation you plan to organize. In this case, it will mainly be about strengthening your team’s cohesion to improve productivity.
  • Set a date. The ideal is to choose a date far enough in advance to ensure your employees’ availability. Too short notice might also complicate booking a suitable venue.
  • Choose a venue suitable for your goal. This location must accommodate all of your employees.
  • Leave nothing to chance. Everything must be considered and reconsidered to optimize your team retreat. The accommodation, activities, meals, and various programs that will take place during the team retreat must be studied carefully.

3. What activities to choose for a motivational team retreat?

To ensure the success of a team retreat, it’s crucial to choose a program content that creates a surprise effect. The idea is to make the event unforgettable. Thus, beyond the conference, you must plan activities that will allow team members to enjoy themselves together. This concept will automatically enable them to work as a team, which later reflects in the professional setting. Here are some activity ideas to ensure your team’s cohesion:

  • Fun activities: Among the ideal fun activities for a team retreat is poker. This game may be individual, but its rules are easy to grasp, and it allows for better understanding of opponents. Poker also provides a great time among colleagues. Alternatively, a bluffing game in which opponents act out is perfect for creating a good mood and strengthening camaraderie. That said, other team-based fun activities can also be practiced, such as bowling, mini-golf, archery, etc.
  • Sporting activities: The goal here is to play for fun, not necessarily to win. The ideal is to engage in outdoor sports, such as rafting, canoeing, canyoning, etc. Endurance sports, such as running, mountain biking, or cross-country skiing, are also known for improving team cohesion.
  • Thrilling activities: Team spirit and cohesion are often created through the sharing of emotions, including fear. That’s why thrilling activities are perfect during a team retreat. For example, bungee jumping, tree climbing, or via ferrata will allow each employee to surpass their limits and fears. This kind of activity will also enhance the team’s performance. Of course, other less physical activities, such as paragliding or hot air ballooning, can also provide thrills.
  • Creative activities: The idea is to imagine an activity in which all team members can participate, i.e., an activity that allows everyone to consult with each other. This kind of practice will strengthen the team spirit. For example, you can suggest your employees build a large puzzle or a giant model together. In addition to providing hours of fun together, this type of activity requires employees to communicate, thus joining the useful to the pleasant. The essential thing is that everyone participates in the game.
  • Humanitarian activities: Volunteering abroad or without leaving the country can only benefit a team. Assisting educators of underprivileged children, building schools or wells in underdeveloped countries, or simply helping people in nursing homes are all possible humanitarian activities. This type of experience often creates indestructible bonds that will unite the employees.

If you’re planning to organize a team retreat for your team, know that with, you can do it more easily. You will benefit from tailor-made support according to your project. Visit our website or phone us to discover several personalized team retreat ideas, adaptable according to your wishes. We would be pleased to assist you.

Séminaire de motivation

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