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The success of a professional event such as a corporate retreat largely depends on smooth facilitation. However, when one is not an expert in event organization, it can be challenging to create such an atmosphere at a convention. To achieve this, we offer you 4 expert tips on the subject below.

animer un séminaire d'entreprise

Define the framework and objectives of the event

The first step for a successful team retreat is to clearly establish the framework of the event. In other words, it involves communicating to your team the main objectives of the convention. Among other things, these could include:

  • Strengthening the bonds between your collaborators;
  • Creating new team cohesion;
  • Encouraging motivation and engagement among your employees;
  • Presenting the new objectives to be achieved within the organization.

After this, make sure to present to your team all the details regarding the organization of the event. This includes the duration of the event, topics to be discussed, logistic-related questions or accommodation, as well as other planned activities. This allows your collaborators to already envision themselves at the heart of the offsite.

2. Let your collaborators express themselves

Throughout the corporate retreat, make sure not to monopolize the floor. Indeed, this can quickly lead to boredom among your collaborators. To avoid this, consider letting your team express themselves. Also encourage your collaborators to participate in debates and other planned animations. The goal here is to arouse interest among your colleagues and to create emotions while strengthening their commitment and involvement. This also contributes to bringing some dynamism to the event.

3. Consider taking photos throughout the event

A photo coverage allows:
  • To capture the highlights of the event;
  • To create memories;
  • To relive the high points of the corporate trip after the event’s conclusion.
The photos and videos taken during the convention also allow you to animate your website and your social networks in order to improve the image of your company while valuing your teams.

4. Conduct an evaluation of the event

Once your corporate retreat is completed, think about conducting a post-event evaluation. This evaluation allows you to collect feedback from participants, whether positive or negative. Between online voting systems, briefs, or suggestion boxes, you have a wide range of options available. Now, all that’s left is to apply these tips to successfully manage your corporate retreat. For more details, feel free to seek the advice of our experts.

animer un séminaire d'entreprise

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