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It is recommended to entrust the organization of a team building to professionals to ensure a convivial and unforgettable moment for your colleagues. Indeed, nothing should be left to chance, from the choice of locations to the activities to be offered. Let’s explore this together!

Cohésion d'équipe

Why organize a team building?

Strengthening the cohesion of your teams is the best way to promote the development of your company. Team building originated in the United States and has become a solution for this purpose. You have a wide range of activities to tighten the bonds between your team members: sports competitions, treasure hunts, escape games, cooking workshops, etc. This practice is gaining ground in France, and the number of business leaders who organize them regularly is constantly increasing. Integrating perfectly into a corporate retreat or a study day, a team building that strengthens cohesion offers several advantages:

  • It is the ideal opportunity to communicate a contemporary and dynamic image of your company while highlighting your values;
  • The bonds between your employees are tightened, since the goal is to form teams and set common objectives;
  • The skills of each team member are highlighted, provided you choose suitable activities;
  • By encouraging your employees to participate in the proposed activities, you promote human contact, thereby strengthening the relational bonds with higher management;
  • Organizing creative activities reveals the hidden talents of your employees, a crucial point for boosting their motivation;
  • By choosing activities designed to establish collective intelligence, you promote the development of team performance while strengthening solidarity in the company;
  • Thanks to this team building day, your employees learn to know each other better outside the professional setting. Individualism thus gives way to team spirit naturally. Real factors of adherence and loyalty, the organized activities allow the establishment of trustful relationships and the smoothing of conflicts.
  1. A well-defined program for immediate results

By organizing corporate group activities, the goal is to promote exchanges and allow team members to get to know each other better. The progress of team building days is focused on three main points.

  • Constructive exchanges: the aim is to encourage each team member to express any possible obstacles they encounter and to share their point of view. Once participants feel confident, they will not hesitate to share their professional expectations and talk about their experiences. To guarantee the success of your team building days, it is recommended to entrust the supervision of the activities to a specialized agency like
  • Role-playing or team games: thanks to group activities, it is easier to reveal potential dysfunctions within the team in general, and among certain employees in particular. Therefore, it is important to select activities that encourage participants to collaborate. The goal of a role-playing team building session is to identify the sources of blockage faced by your employees and encourage them to overcome them.
  • Openness to innovation: activities are organized to reveal the hidden talents of participants. They allow highlighting their potential and thus encourage them to get more involved in the entire process. This part of the program, which may conclude the day of team building, is the most playful.
  1. The different types of activities for a successful team building

By organizing a team building session, you strengthen the cohesion of your teams. The main objective is to disorient your employees. For this purpose, numerous activities are offered to guarantee the success of the team building approach.

  • Cultural or sports activities: dance, choir, rafting, laser game, karting, wine discovery… Activities are numerous and varied. It is recommended to define the animations based on the age groups and preferences of your employees. The goal is to allow each team member to bring out skills, discover hidden talents, and highlight passions and aptitudes.
  • Role-playing: asking an employee to take the place of their colleague is a good way for them to understand their mission within the company. At the end of the session, all participants will have a better overview of the roles and constraints of other team members. This will naturally relax the atmosphere and thus soothe conflicts.
  • Scavenger hunts and treasure hunts: the goal is to allow the team spirit to take precedence over individualism. Thanks to these activities, you emphasize collective motivation, thereby strengthening group cohesion. Each team having a common objective, collective emulation is highlighted.
  • Presentation or promotion of the company by creating a video or a clip: by involving your employees, you make known the image and spirit of the employer brand. The goal is to make members of your teams the ambassadors of the company.

By organizing a team building session, you combine business with pleasure. The positive repercussions are numerous: employee satisfaction, team cohesion, stress reduction… Do not hesitate to contact, our team will gladly assist you in organizing your team building.

Cohésion d'équipe

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