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Employee satisfaction and efficiency at work are not a matter of chance, but of a carefully designed professional environment. From workspace layout to structuring time and hierarchical relationships, every aspect counts. Here are some proven strategies for creating a work environment conducive to flourishing and productivity.

Organisez votre travail

Workspace management

It’s well-known that the layout of space directly influences our mindset and mood. Call it what you want, Feng Shui, Hygge, or a good interior architect, you must design your workspaces to be functional, encourage collaboration, and be cozy. The workspace should be a place where it is pleasant to live, where a real community can be created. Organize your workspace by placing your employees at the center of the experience. For example, Toucan-Toco, a space dedicated to napping has been created for employees to recharge.

  1. Our ideas for your spaces

Arrange your space so there are workspaces and informal meeting areas, all to ensure your employees are free to work wherever they wish. - Install beanbags or poufs for your employees to rest or take a break. - Plants, plants, and more plants: anything green is good for morale. - Soundproof spaces or install ‘phone booths’ for better-quality concentration.

  1. 4 Days Work Week

The 4-day work week involves working 4 days a week instead of the commonly accepted 5 days. Employees keep the same salary but benefit from 3 days of weekly rest. This time management method has been proven by Toyota Sweden. Proof that the test conducted over 16 years is conclusive, Toyota’s profits have increased by 25% since 2002, and employees are happy, thus staying longer. Turnover is thus reduced, and recruitment is significantly easier. Some steps towards the ‘4 day work week’: - Before making the change, gather your employees’ opinions: what do they think? - Adapt the short-term strategy and the company’s goals so that they align with your new organization. - Inform your clients, your suppliers, and all relevant stakeholders of your adoption of the ‘4 day work week’.

  1. Hierarchical Relationships

It’s not said enough, but establishing a trustful climate is essential for our teams’ well-being. From hiring, assume that you trust your employees and believe in their capacity to deliver good work. This ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ puts your employees in a productive mindset since their contribution to the team is valued from the start. As a leader, it is also essential to establish a culture of respect, recognition, and generosity.

  1. Some Advice

Do not forget the power of a “hello,” “thank you,” “good evening.” Be sure to congratulate your employees when they have done good work, in person, in meetings, or by email. Give your collaborators space to achieve their goals autonomously; they will be all the more proud of the result. Organize corporate retreats, conferences, and workshops so that your employees gain skills.

Organisez votre travail

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