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In a company’s life, Quality of Work Life (QWL) is a crucial aspect. It partly determines the daily motivation of employees. To maintain top-notch QWL, companies do not hesitate to organize corporate retreats. Whether it’s a training or motivational corporate retreat, this management technique is widely favored by corporations. Regardless of the goal, such an event is always a good idea. Etymologically, the term ‘corporate retreat’ comes from the Latin seminarium, meaning nursery. Thus, a corporate retreat is likened to a cultivation field. However, the objective is not to cultivate plants, but rather intellectual knowledge and skills. It is a place for reflection and instruction. A corporate retreat involves addressing an issue by a group of professionals during a work session.

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The choice of the type of corporate retreat

Regardless of the type and theme of the corporate retreat, perfect organization is essential. The choice should be made according to the desires and tastes of the collaborators. If the goal is to spend a pleasant time together or to relax the atmosphere, it is appropriate to opt for an unusual retreat or a cooking one.

For training, a web offsite is the ideal choice to impart new skills to collaborators. It’s important that the retreat remains playful. Many more employees will invest in the activities offered if they are fun.

It is also common to organize a retreat focused on sustainable development to sensitize teams while reinforcing the company’s environmental policy. To succeed in organizing a corporate retreat, it is necessary to:

  • Count on excellent organization;
  • Please the collaborators;
  • Opt for fun and playful activities;
  • Choose an exceptional location.

2. Corporate retreats and their different types

The objective of a retreat varies depending on the audience. As a result, it is possible to choose between different types of retreats:

  • The motivation or cohesion retreat is primarily aimed at the company’s employees. It is generally a reward for work accomplished or a way to give back motivation. During these retreats, the chosen activities aim at improving team spirit. Whether it’s a team building or an incentive, the motivation retreat boosts group cohesion and is often playful for collaborators.
  • The training retreat is designed to train the company’s collaborators, as its name suggests. It is organized when it becomes necessary to acquire new knowledge or to familiarize with new material. The training retreat is also useful during a change of leadership. It is the best solution to boost the morale of current and future teams.
  • The executive retreat, on the other hand, is reserved for leaders. They meet to discuss the company and its future. Executives and senior officials of the company come together to analyze in depth and detail the situation of the company. In general, the goal is to determine new objectives, develop appropriate strategies, and make suitable decisions.

The onboarding team retreat for new recruits

This example of a corporate retreat is unique. The onboarding offsite stands out because it is organized following recruitment. Its goal is to accelerate and facilitate the integration of new employees into their new environment. It involves bringing the recruits together in a pleasant setting to introduce them to the company and allow them to get to know their new colleagues. The onboarding offsite thus prevents any form of disorientation for the newcomers and ensures their full involvement in the company from the first days of work.

Regarding the choice of location, it is preferable to opt for a comfortable and green setting, conducive to relaxation. By enjoying a relaxed atmosphere, attendees will be more inclined to socialize and unwind. It is also advisable not to hesitate to include team-building activities in the program to develop team spirit. Similarly, a welcome banquet is recommended to greet the new employees and boost their motivation.

4. How to organize a corporate retreat?

The organization of a corporate retreat is a task that is more or less complex. It requires meticulous preparation to achieve the objectives. To do this, it is necessary to follow clear steps:

  • define the objectives;
  • choose a theme;
  • define the budget;
  • choose the date and location;
  • establish the schedule;
  • promote the event;
  • etc.
All these tasks can be burdensome for a novice. It takes time and a good sense of organization for a successful corporate retreat. This is why it is recommended to call upon a professional specialized in this field. is an agency specialized in organizing all sorts of corporate events: seminars, incentives, team building… Operating in this field for many years, its team has all the necessary skills to guarantee a successful corporate retreat. All activities are designed to improve group cohesion, foster motivation, and ensure unforgettable moments of sharing. even offers to customize your event according to the theme or policy of the company. Depending on needs, it is also able to manage the organization of corporate retreats in your premises or in some of the world’s major cities: Madrid, Marrakech, London, etc.
In short, you can ensure the success of your event by availing of the services of If you have any further questions about the choice or organization of a corporate retreat, we are at your disposal. Whatever your questions, we can answer them.

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