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Explore Paris beyond the usual tourist clichés with exciting activities for your business. From the thrill of the Manoir de Paris to panoramic views from a hot air balloon, involving thrilling investigations and treasure hunts in the City of Light, provide your team with an unforgettable experience during a team retreat. Discover unique aspects of the capital with our suggestions for original activities under the Parisian sky.

Séminaire à Paris

The Manor of Paris

Experience frights in this mansion located in the 10th district where many Parisian legends come to life for your utmost horror. Opened in 2011, this first haunted show in France has already claimed many victims. Under a warm summer sun, chills and terror await you, so be brave and come face this Manor as part of a teambuilding activity or at the end of a corporate retreat in Paris, with your colleagues, as the more, the merrier (or not…).

2. A Tour of Paris in One Day

Located in Parc André Citroën, rue de la Montagne de la Fage, here is an unforgettable experience for your colleagues in which you will ascend in a hot air balloon up to 150 meters above the rooftops of Paris. An unparalleled view of the most beautiful city in the world under a clear sky. A memorable memory that your colleagues will keep from your corporate retreat or your teambuilding activity.

3. The Boat of La Villette

In the Bassin de la Villette, you can rent a boat without a license for a set period of time that will allow you to navigate the various canals of the Basin and discover Paris in a new light. No sailing permit required. A perfect opportunity to conclude a corporate trip in Paris and offer your colleagues a deserved moment of relaxation and discovery under the pleasant Parisian summer sun.

4. Unmasked Paris

Have we not all dreamed of becoming Sherlock Holmes one day? During the summer, under a pleasant sun, why not propose as a teambuilding activity for your colleagues an unusual, suspense-filled activity where team work and cohesion will triumph. The goal is simple: The French capital is a crime scene and it needs to be investigated. Choose your case and lead the investigation following the clues you collect. An original and unusual idea perfect after a corporate trip in Paris or simply to organize an original teambuilding activity that will make an impression.

5. Outdoor Cinema

In summer, for an entire month from the end of July to the end of August, films are screened in the park around a particular theme. For your corporate trip in Paris or teambuilding activity, enjoy with your colleagues the screening of a film while comfortably lying in a deck chair outdoors, in summer: the ability to enjoy a film screening without being confined indoors while bringing your picnic/dinner with us.

6. Treasure Hunt in the Capital

What better way to discover Paris while having fun than a treasure hunt? Along with your colleagues, solve all sorts of riddles throughout the capital, Île de la Cité, the Louvre, or even the Eiffel Tower. You will give your teambuilding activity in Paris a fun and educational approach to strengthen team cohesion.

7. Geocaching Under the Parisian Sky

Geocaching is a mobile app that lets you discover new places, even in the city where you’ve been living for years. The goal, using GPS, is to find a box (of all sizes) in which you’ll find a visitor’s log and sometimes small treasures that “geocachers” leave inside the boxes. You can leave a small object or message in exchange for another, or nothing. Paris already has about 800 boxes to find. So, after your corporate trip in Paris or as part of a teambuilding activity, gear up with your colleagues with a compass and walking shoes and go geocaching!

Offer your team an unforgettable experience in Paris. Contact us now to plan a memorable offsite, combining unique adventures, captivating discoveries, and team building in the heart of the city of light.

Séminaire à Paris

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