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To motivate your employees, step outside the usual work environment when organizing a corporate retreat. Indeed, when meetings take place in an authentic location like Marrakech, participants are more open to new ideas and more creative. What are the best spots in the area for your team building trip?

Séminaire à Marrakech

Why organize a corporate retreat in Marrakech?

Marrakech, known as the “ochre city,” is nestled between the Atlas Mountains and the desert. It has become a prime destination for hosting a corporate retreat thanks to its exceptional charm and unique and varied heritage.

The city also enjoys a pleasant climate all year round. As a result, a corporate event can be organized at any time. The region is also a 3-hour direct flight from Paris. You also have the choice between different types of activities to offer an original experience to your team.

In any case, it’s an authentic and exotic city, a conducive environment for disconnecting from the world and recharging with your team.

2. What are the benefits of a corporate retreat in Marrakech?

The corporate retreat generally takes place in a setting outside the workplace. It is also a very effective way to motivate colleagues and encourage them to invest more in the company. Offering a different place with recreational and/or sports activities helps to retain them and boost their creativity.

Furthermore, the event serves to highlight the company culture to distinguish it from the competition. The goal is to create a sense of belonging to boost performance and productivity among colleagues. Participation in group professional activities also improves communication and relaxes the atmosphere.

Also, animations and training allow everyone to exchange their ideas freely and to discuss their points of view. In addition, all employees are on the same level. Consequently, hierarchy takes a back seat.

Finally, the team is brought together in a more relaxed setting likely to strengthen team cohesion. Activities are also organized to unite the collaborators and encourage them to take on challenges. Through various animations, they are required to cooperate to succeed in the tasks.

What are the best offsite locations in Marrakech?

Marrakech stands out for its traditions, magnificent palaces, and breathtaking green spaces. It’s a unique destination for a corporate retreat. Moreover, it offers numerous spots where it’s possible to organize various activities and animations aligned with the theme of the event. Discover the best spots for an exceptional offsite.

3.1. Le jardin Majorelle

This little haven of peace is where the painter Jacques Majorelle set up his workshop. Yves Saint Laurent also decided to spend the remainder of his life there. This magnificent location is adorned with flower pots and fountains in striking blue. Later, the workshop was transformed into a Berber museum. Your team will have the opportunity to wander among the exotic plants to relieve stress and take a deep breath of fresh air. Then, plan a stop at the café to re-energize.

3.2. La réserve naturelle de l’Atlas

What could be better than a place surrounded by greenery to recharge? The nature reserve is located in the foothills of the Atlas, in the Moroccan desert. It is a preserved area located only half an hour from the big city. If you wish to contribute to the preservation of the planet, this is the best choice. Your collaborators will have the chance to taste local specialties made with local products and to experience unforgettable activities: hiking on foot or horseback, zip-lining, workshops, etc.

3.3. La place Jemaa El-Fna

Listed as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, Jemaa El-Fna square is the heart of Marrakech and the symbol of the city. Located at the entrance of the Medina, this mythical place is very lively. You will see poets, storytellers, Berber musicians, snake charmers, Gnaoua dancers, and many more. There are also local products available, including fresh fruits and vegetables, intoxicating spices, and fragrant plants. You can also purchase souvenir items from the craft shops. To taste the local specialties, sit down at the tables of street food stalls and restaurants and enjoy squid, pastries, and couscous!

3.4. Les palais et riads

The palaces and riads in Marrakech stand out for their extraordinary architectural style. If possible, organize a team retreat before sunset. The view is truly magnificent. In a place decorated with a thousand colors, your colleagues will have one of the best evenings of their lives in a warm atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Also invite them to taste the city’s typical cocktails and exceptional snacks you won’t find anywhere else. You can also attend unusual demonstration theaters and admire the dancers to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of the country.

3.5. La vallée de l’Ourika

Do you prefer a quiet place? The Ourika Valley is located in the High Atlas mountains. Throughout the journey, between the typical small villages and vegetation, admire the natural beauty of Marrakech for a complete change of scenery. Likewise, your employees can visit the saffron plantations, the Ourika waterfalls, and the traditional markets. Enjoy a few-hour hike to appreciate nature and burn calories. This is a unique moment that will surely remain etched in the memory of your collaborators.

What are the best activities for a team retreat to do in Marrakech?

During a corporate retreat in Marrakech, you can choose from team-building activities, discovery tours, or sports activities. In summary, the options are varied. The choice, however, will depend on your professional objectives, the number of participants, and the budget allocated to the project. Do you want to give your team an original experience? Get inspired by our best team retreat activity ideas in Marrakech.

4.1. Bivouac in the Agafay Desert

This is a stone desert adorned with an authentic landscape where your teams can sleep under the stars in a classic or comfortable camp. Entertaining evenings are generally organized to provide participants with exceptional moments.

4.2. Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is a very popular activity during a team retreat. It’s a great way to discover Marrakech’s famed history and enjoy a fun moment. It also helps to strengthen the team.

4.3. Quad Excursion in the Agafay Desert

This is an unusual outdoor activity. To encourage your employees to excel and strengthen professional relationships, consider planning a quad race.

4.4. Berber Olympics

In a nature reserve, you can invite your employees to participate in sports and fun games: human foosball, sack race, tug of war… The challenges are varied and can adapt to all physical conditions. They help to develop team communication and intelligence.

4.5. Corporate Dinner

To share authentic meals typical of Morocco among employees, it can also be interesting to organize a corporate dinner. In an enchanting setting, you can enjoy the country’s culinary specialties in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

4.6. Camel Ride

This is an activity that most of your employees have probably not tried yet. So, why not introduce them to this sensational activity? Each of your colleagues is sure to have a wonderful day!

Séminaire à Marrakech

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