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You have chosen the city of Lisbon as the destination for your next offsite and you want at all costs that this corporate trip be unforgettable? To help you, discover in this article the original animations and activities as well as the places to visit during your team building trip. You will see that in addition to entertaining you, the cohesion of your team will surely be strengthened.

Séminaire à Lisbonne

Top 5 activities to undertake during your corporate retreat in Lisbon

The main goals of team building include reinforcing collective and individual motivation, as well as improving exchanges through better communication. All this through various fun, discovery, cultural, or sports activities that will surely reduce the stress of all employees. Here are 5 activities to do during an offsite in Lisbon.

Jeep tour in the Sintra Natural Park

What does the jeep tour in the Sintra Natural Park look like? You will be in several teams, each climbing into a jeep to traverse the Sintra Natural Park. In addition to enjoying a very beautiful landscape, the whole team will be amazed by this great adventure filled with thrills. Throughout the journey, several breaks are mandatory to admire the marine villages. An adventure that will certainly motivate the entire team to get to know each other better and discover each other reciprocally.

Workshop to discover the culinary specialties of Portugal

There’s nothing better than a workshop to discover the culinary specialties of Portugal. A highly convivial activity that will not only allow employees to make discoveries but also to gather around a collective occupation. In addition to tasting the famous Portuguese tapas, this is precisely an ideal activity for spending a great time together to improve team cohesion.

Attend a Fado show

Fado is a Portuguese musical genre consisting of popular songs with a melancholic theme. Instead of spending time in a standard location, attend with your team this symbol of the nation’s show. An activity that can very well be combined with a tasting of a traditional Portuguese dish. A relaxing moment for the entire team while enjoying a good dish and getting to know each other even more.

Drink beer at the Beer Museum

Your teams surely like to drink beer and doing it together is better. The Beer Museum is located on the edge of Praça do Comércio. The ideal thing is to gather around a table and discover together the unique beer of the museum. In addition to discovering the beer, you can also discover Portuguese dishes. It will be an unforgettable day for the whole team.

Take tram line #28

As long as you’re in Lisbon for your corporate retreat, don’t skip tramway #28, which is renowned in the city. In addition to savoring the moment with your colleagues, you will benefit from a beautiful view while discovering the capital. If the yellow tramway is very popular during the day, prefer the tramway ride starting from 5 pm.

Essential places to visit during your corporate retreat in Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital and largest city of Portugal with over 500,000 residents. A charismatic and very lively city in Europe with a pleasant climate all year round, it ranks among the best cities in the world. The best times to visit Lisbon are from late April to June, at the start of spring, and from late September to October, at the start of autumn. If Graça is the most beautiful neighborhood of this Portuguese city with its breathtaking landscape, beautiful churches, and restaurants offering delicious dishes, Lisbon has several sights that are a must-visit. Are you ready to travel with us to the must-see places in Lisbon? Here is a list that could help you during your corporate trip in this cosmopolitan city.

The most iconic building in Lisbon: the Belém Tower

Built between 1514 and 1519, the Torre de Belém or Belém Tower is undoubtedly the most iconic building in Lisbon. It was constructed to protect the port of the white city in the blue country. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this tower with a height of 35 meters is a must-visit during your corporate trip. Your colleagues will be able to directly understand its history. As the most visited monument, you can enjoy capturing your team’s visit in photos.

The most visited monument in Lisbon: The Jerónimos Monastery

Located in the west of Lisbon, Portugal, the Jerónimos Monastery is a testament to the richness of Portuguese discoveries around the world. Along with the Belém Tower, it is also the most visited monument in Lisbon. Representing the most prosperous period of Portugal, visiting the monastery is a perfect discovery activity during a corporate retreat in Lisbon. If your colleagues are passionate about history, they will be greatly satisfied.

The second most visited monument in Lisbon: The Saint George Castle

Castelo de Sao Jorge or the Saint George Castle is also among the most famous monuments in Lisbon. Overlooking the city from its hilltop, it offers a panoramic view of the city. In addition to absorbing its history, your team can enjoy the landscape that makes Lisbon one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The National Tile Museum

It’s a museum that showcases a significant collection of tiles and ceramic tiles. Located in the Beato neighborhood, the National Tile Museum displays to the public about 7,000 tile pieces. Besides Portuguese tiles, it also includes tiles from the Arab world, North Africa, Europe, and Flanders. A visit to introduce your colleagues to what makes Portuguese culture famous.

The second-largest aquarium in Europe: the Lisbon Oceanarium

Housing more than 15,000 animals and over 450 species of plants, the Lisbon Oceanarium is the second-largest aquarium in Europe. It is exceptional because it floats on water, and to access it, you have to go through walkways. This aquarium has two floors, marine species are found on the ground floor, if on the floor there are animals and plants that live near the surface. You can enjoy this visit with your colleagues to improve the team’s internal cohesion.

Séminaire à Lisbonne

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