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Team building activities at the beach improve communication among colleagues. They encourage better acquaintance among them. Moreover, spending a day by the sea ensures moments of relaxation and fun. This team building idea also helps to eliminate work-related stress. Here is the top 5 team building activities you can engage in at the beach.

Team building à la plage

The treasure hunt on the beach

The treasure hunt is the most popular among team building activities on the beach. This game is fun and encourages employees to work together. It involves completing pre-established tasks as a group. The rules vary depending on the approach you adopt. The winning team is the first to find all the items on the list.

Divide the employees into groups of 5 to 6 people. The members of each team must stay together throughout the test. No division is allowed to find the hidden items more quickly. Establish the list of objects that each team must find. The items to search for can be random such as a spool of thread, a balloon, a highlighter cap, a seashell, etc. You are free to assign points to each item on the list.

You can also organize a photo treasure hunt. This variant involves searching for animals, places, or other specific elements that the team cannot carry. Therefore, they must take a photograph to prove they have found them. To complicate the game, you can associate challenges that will earn you clues. To do this, use puzzles, problems, riddles, or poems to decipher. You can hide riddles in different places, each clue indicating where the next clue is, as well as the item to be found.

During your beachside corporate retreat, you can take the opportunity to create unique sand sculptures. It’s a skillful task combining sand and seawater. This game promotes creativity and collaboration among employees. It highlights the hidden talent of each individual. Divide the participants into groups of 5 to 6 people. Define the image they must sculpt. Here are some ideas that might inspire you: - Marine animals and creatures such as sharks, whales, sea turtles, dolphins, seals, etc.; - Sandcastles; - Visual motifs related to your company’s value such as products or the company logo, etc.

The winning team will be the one that finishes their sculpture first by creating a beautiful visual.

Tug of war on the beach is a classic team building activity. It encourages cohesion among employees. To proceed, you need a long rope. Mark the middle by making a knot. To distinguish the opposing teams, you can color the left side red and the right side blue. Then, take a shovel and dig a hole in the sand. Divide the employees into groups. The tug of war rule requires that there be at least eight people per team. Place each team on either side of the hole. At your signal, the players must pull until the team from the opposite camp crosses the ground marking.

Beach paintball

Beach paintball is an excellent idea for your offsite team building at the beach. It focuses on teamwork and strategy, in addition to fun and adrenaline. It is particularly beneficial for employees, as it enables:

  • Encouraging cooperation among colleagues;
  • Designing and implementing team game strategies;
  • Improving communication between team members;
  • Helping participants learn from their mistakes.

Beach paintball is a team-building activity suitable for all participant levels. There’s no need to be very fit or to have shooting skills to have fun. To play paintball, you need some accessories, such as:

  • Protective goggles;
  • Protective vests;
  • Balaclavas/helmets.

This game involves shooting at members of the opposing team, with those hit by the ball being disqualified. The team with the most members left untouched is declared the winner of this team-building. To make things more challenging, you can create scenarios, like rescuing hostages, capturing the leader of the terrorists, etc.

  1. Beach Ball Relay

To play this game, you need beach balls, sunglasses or bandanas. Divide the employees into several groups. Mark a starting point and a finishing line on the sand. One half of the participants stands behind the starting line and the other half behind the finish line. They must form a queue, with the one at the front starting first.

They must run or jump with a ball between their knees and sunglasses on their heads until the finish line, the first one behind this line takes over, and so on. If a team member drops the ball or the sunglasses along the way, they must start over from the beginning. Team-building activities at the beach offer many benefits to your employees. They promote solidarity and help them get to know each other better. If you wish to organize a team retreat at the beach, contact

Team building à la plage

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