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Organizing a corporate retreat is the perfect way to sustain your activities and enhance your brand image. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a destination offering fun activities, allowing your team members to relax after meeting times. Boasting an exceptional hotel park, Malte is the perfect city to come together and develop team spirit during a unique incentive stay.

Séminaire à Malte

Malta: A Prime Destination

Located 2 hours and 30 minutes from France, Malta is an excellent choice for a successful corporate retreat. Its international airport in Luqa serves the whole island. Daily flights are offered by the national carrier, Air Malta. It’s possible to travel to the archipelago from Paris, notably from Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports. Direct flights are also available from other airlines (Air France, Transavia, etc.) departing from Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, etc. Therefore, you won’t have to undergo a long journey to reach this destination.

Regardless of the season, Malta warmly welcomes you all year round, benefiting from a Mediterranean climate. February, October, and November are the wettest months, but the atmosphere remains mild. This makes it easy to set your departure and return dates according to your preferences and the activities you wish to offer your employees.

It is good to note that no visa is required to travel to Malta, as the country is part of the Schengen Area and the European Union. You just need to carry an ID card, which must be presented during security checks. Shuttles are available to take you to your hotel upon arrival at the airport. The transport vehicles are air-conditioned and offer an exceptional level of comfort.

2. A corporate retreat with a cultural twist

By using our services to organize your corporate retreat, you can be sure to enjoy a memorable stay in Malta. Indeed, the island is known for its mild climate throughout the year. It is also famous for its gentle way of life and the numerous natural treasures it contains, not to mention its rich architectural heritage. The activities offered in Malta help to strengthen and develop team spirit, thus ensuring a good atmosphere at work.

Malta is appreciated for its dynamic and multicultural character. It has everything your employees need to recharge and reinforce team cohesion. You won’t be disappointed by entrusting us with the organization of your corporate retreat. We leave nothing to chance to inspire your team, partners, or clients to excel in pursuit of the professional objectives you have set. The activities we propose aim to allow your employees to experience an unforgettable journey, reflecting the image and spirit of your company.

Malta hosts many sites known for their tranquility. To motivate your group, it’s possible to organize a visit to the nature reserve on the island of Comino, an area left wild. To fully enjoy this discovery day, sunglasses and walking shoes are essential, not to forget cameras. This natural park, covering an area of 3 km², is famous for the beauty of its landscapes and the azure lagoons surrounding it.

3. An island with a myriad of unique activities

If you wish to offer a unique experience to your employees, head to La Valette, listed among the most beautiful European capitals. Your team members will undoubtedly be charmed by the warm atmosphere that prevails there. The numerous historical monuments lining its cobbled streets await your visit: the co-cathedral of Saint John, the Palace of the Grand Masters, Fort Saint Elmo, etc.

Once the sun sets, we invite you to uncover the secrets of the night and discover the Maltese legends and mysteries. This activity is geared towards intrepid adventurers: the Ghost Tour. During this two-hour nighttime tour, your guide will lead you through the chilling stories of the Maltese capital. Starting from Merchant Street, your guide will take you through the cobbled streets of La Vallette towards the historic center. Be prepared, as suspense and fright are on the agenda! You will follow in the footsteps of pirates, murderers, and ghosts that have made a name for themselves over the centuries.

Alternatively, you can also take a tour of one of Malta’s busiest cities: Mdina. You will discover a city known for its authenticity and legendary cultural mix. By wandering through its narrow streets, you will discover a multitude of artisan products. Visiting glassblowing workshops is perfect for learning about glass molding techniques. What could be better than meeting professional glassblowers to admire a skill passed down through generations? The passion and pride they derive from their work will undoubtedly be a great source of inspiration for your employees. You can even ask the craftsmen to create a blown glass featuring your company’s logo.

Malta is an island full of pleasant surprises. It is the ideal destination for a corporate retreat aimed at strengthening team spirit. Do not hesitate to contact Our team will be delighted to organize your incentive trip.

Séminaire à Malte

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