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An exceptional territory, Champagne brilliantly blends natural and urban landscapes, offering an ideal setting for a enriching corporate retreat. Discovering the charming neighborhoods of Reims, moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or participating in city center mystery games, there are numerous team-building activities in Champagne. The team at has unearthed for you the best places to explore as well as the most stimulating recreational activities to absolutely undertake in this region.

voyage team building en Champagne

Escape game: Long live the team spirit!

Nothing beats a game filled with mystery and suspense to awaken creativity, investigative sense among your collaborators, and develop team spirit on the same occasion. You will find yourself facing a mysterious suitcase, its contents and use are to be discovered. Listen carefully to this strange character addressing you and explaining your situation. Without your knowledge, your team and you will be embarked on an incredible adventure. To escape, you must demonstrate cooperation, mutual aid, thoughtfulness, and instinct. Only under these conditions will you complete the mission and be freed. However, this game is customizable to your preference for an ambiance that suits you.

2. Nature bike trip in the Champagne vineyards

Nothing is more revitalizing than a bike ride through the vineyards. The route is dotted with challenges and obstacles of all kinds. The reward? A delicious refreshing elixir, providing you with enough energy for the return trip. The bike rally is a way to discover the territory differently and explore its vast riches. Along your journey:

  • Lazy in the sun while admiring the most beautiful panoramas of the region;
  • Take photos as souvenirs;
  • Discover for yourself the main assets of these vineyards listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site;
  • Pay attention to the meticulous work of the vintners.
You will certainly learn the difference between the vine stalks, originating from the 3 grape varieties of the region. This team-building in Champagne activity is ideal for becoming a master of viticulture.

3. Discovery workshops on champagne, for the delight of the taste buds

Transform yourself into a true expert by attending various workshops organized to discover the different steps of tasting. The fame of the famous sparkling wine or champagne is undoubtedly well-established. Yet, few people know its manufacturing process, which includes:

  • The harvest;
  • Fermentation;
  • Blending;
  • Bottling;
  • Maturation on lees.

Following these team-building workshops in Champagne, become a tasting pro and learn to discern the flavors and aromas of the wine of kings through olfactory workshops. For even more pleasure on the palate, your drink will be accompanied by delicious deli meats and various cheeses.

Together, experience a thrilling and unforgettable adventure by embarking on board Segway gyroscopes for an extraordinary treasure hunt! The challenge? Teamwork through a participatory game. The goal: to strengthen team cohesion. A contest for the most original photo is also on the agenda. A reward will be offered to the best among them! In terms of animations, have fun as a group through timed relay races, fun and customizable at will. An original team-building activity to do in Champagne.

It would be a shame not to take advantage of the flourishing nature of Champagne. Several activities allow you to immerse yourself in this lush greenery with breaths of fresh air to boot. Soul explorers, set off to discover nature through a scavenger hunt involving creativity, sense of direction, strategy, and communication, all in joy and good cheer. Fun and eco-friendly, this activity combines environmental protection and team-building action. You can also enjoy an original bus ride to get lost in the heart of a breathtaking landscape.

6. Tours of a castle's cellars in Reims for history and wine enthusiasts.

Are you looking for a friendly and unforgettable team-building activity in Champagne? Taking a detour to one of the famous wine cellars in the castles of Reims will surely leave a mark. Essential for corporate events, this activity allows you to taste the last vintage produced by the vineyard, much to the delight of food lovers. Château d’Étoges and Domaine de Pommery also offer to open their doors to reveal their kilometers of exceptional cellars.

7. Water activities at Lake Der to rediscover the joy of water

Relax, connect, come together… Lake Der promotes your team’s cohesion through various activities, including cruise tours or tourist train rides. For more sensations and fun, indulge in acrobatic activities such as:

  • Water skiing;
  • Windsurfing;
  • Jet skiing;
  • Kayaking;
  • Stand-up paddleboarding.
In Champagne, every team member will find something to enjoy, whether they are a nature lover, a wine enthusiast, or a true sportsman. To take advantage of enriching and unforgettable team-building activities in Champagne, entrust your program to the team at As professionals in corporate event planning, our agency is undoubtedly the ideal partner to offer you original activity ideas tailored to your needs. We remain at your disposal for further information.

voyage team building en Champagne

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