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Here you are at last!


Welcome to Marrakech, one of the most fashionable tourist destinations in recent years. If procrastination is your motto, be aware that the flight from Europe isn’t unfortunately long enough to list all the things you can do.


It’s better to prepare your trip in advance for this dream tourist destination, to make the most of your stay. Like it or not, it takes several lifetimes to discover all the city’s nooks and crannies. And a significant number of corporate retreats in Marrakech to fully indulge in its beauty.


But fear not and trust the experts! Alright, let’s go for the checklist of must-dos for a memorable corporate retreat in Marrakech!

Séminaire à Marrakech

Jemaa el Fna, the square of fireflies

We start with a must-see for group or solo trips: Jemaa el Fna. A UNESCO heritage site, the beating heart of the Moroccan city, Jemaa el Fna square is to Marrakech what fireflies are to the night: shining with an exuberant joy of living. A focal meeting point for folk performances, fortune tellers, night storytellers, Gnawa musicians, or fearless acrobats… The pedestrian square is as well known for its performances as its cafes and restaurants.

2. Koutoubia, the Architectural Heritage

An architectural muse and twin sister of the Giralda in Seville and the Hassan Tower in Rabat, the Koutoubia is considered an architectural masterpiece of Morocco. Built over 40 years, it stands tall and proud in the most beautiful city in Africa. At night, its 77-meter minaret illuminates the ochre city for 25 km around.

3. Menara, the Timeless Idyll

For 700 years, the Menara basin has been gathering water from the mountains and channeling it over 30 km. A true haven of peace and serenity, the Menara gardens present themselves to your eyes as an idyllic offering, far from the troubles of life. A fresco from another age painted against the backdrop of the High Atlas, framed by olive trees that light up as evening comes.

4. Bahia Palace, the Supremacy of Beauty

A major tourism site and historic part of the city, the Bahia Palace is a must-see in the city of Marrakech. An architectural gem, this now museum of 8 hectares is full of ancient history immortalized in a Moorish style, built around a grand and monumental inner courtyard.

5. Majorelle Garden… she’s like a rainbow

A famous botanical garden of nearly 1 Hectare, the Jardin Majorelle is a magical place where exoticism and authenticity meet. Within its walls and vegetation, a Berber museum recalls the history and culture of Marrakech. A magical site named after the grand artist Jacques Majorelle, who, inspired by models of Islamic gardens, tried to translate this visual tale into an Art Deco villa. And the challenge was greatly met!

6. El Badi Palace, Stardust

Understand, the palace of the incomparable. And unique, El Badi Palace is! Once considered one of the wonders of the Muslim world with its 300 rooms and picturesque architecture, today only ruins remain around a large courtyard of olive and orange trees. From this mythical place emerges an aura of history and heritage. Your corporate retreat in Marrakech would not be complete without visiting this magnificent palace.

7. Yves Saint Laurent Museum, New Wave

New on the list of the 7 wonders of Marrakech, and freshly landed on the must-visit list in Marrakech. Yet, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum has nothing to envy the most beautiful monuments of Marrakech. Since its opening in 2017, it has won the 2018 Design Awards from the British international design magazine, Wallpaper.

A museum dedicated to art and culture, around a paradisiacal garden, spreading over 400 m2, for the greatest pleasure of its 700,000 annual visitors, and yours!

Séminaire à Marrakech

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