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Explore wonderful destinations for your corporate retreats without having to travel long distances. From the magnificent Lyon region in France to the enchantment of Corsica, from the vineyards of Reims to the fascinating history of Berlin, not to mention the winter escape in Switzerland and the magic of Lapland, this text presents a variety of options for organizing memorable professional events. Enjoy unique moments with your colleagues while discovering exceptional places, from cultural experiences to gastronomic delights, from outdoor adventures to urban pleasures. Here you will find a source of inspiration for unforgettable corporate retreats.

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The best destinations in France for a corporate retreat

Lyon: A gourmet experience for your corporate retreat

Who said that to organize a successful event, one must necessarily go far? Indeed, in France, more precisely in the Lyon region, you have the opportunity to organize an exceptional corporate retreat. Beyond your work sessions, you can thus enjoy the tourist side of the city of Lyon. From cultural and architectural discoveries to the best gastronomic experiences, you will have great moments with your colleagues in this beautiful region.

Corsica: A corporate retreat under the Mediterranean sun

Let’s stay around France and this time enjoy the beauty of Corsica. To get away from your offices without going too far, this island is thus the ideal destination, especially if you only have a few days. Once there, relax on the fine sandy beaches while enjoying the region’s warm sun. Dive into the sea or into the island’s turquoise water coves. To satisfy your hunger, taste the succulent Corsican specialties that will delight your taste buds.

Reims: A sparkling destination for your corporate retreat

For a team retreat focused on the theme of oenology, head to Reims, a region in France where wine production is all the rage. In this city, you have the opportunity:

  • To visit vineyards and wine production houses, as well as premium vintages;
  • To witness all the key stages of wine production;
  • To taste local products as well as the best oenological specialties from Europe.

Finally, you can picnic amidst the vines, in a natural, healthy, and refreshing setting.

2. Destinations for a corporate retreat in Europe

Reims: A Sparkling Destination for Your Corporate Retreat

Staying within European territory, Switzerland is an ideal destination, especially during the winter seasons. Indeed, this country has the best ski areas that you must visit once the season opens. Between snow sports, visiting ice palaces, or having original aperitifs at the top of the slopes, share emotionally strong and enriching moments with your colleagues.

Lapland: The ultimate Nordic experience for your corporate retreat

Always during the winter season, embark on a journey to Lapland and enjoy a dream stay in the land of Santa Claus. During this team retreat, marvel at the unparalleled beauty of the Northern Lights. Embark on a discovery of sled dogs during a walk in the white snow and dip into hot springs for a moment of relaxation. Finally, experience a unique night by sleeping in glass igloos.

Germany: European excellence for your corporate retreat

A country known for its tumultuous history, Germany is a dream destination for history enthusiasts. Additionally, if your group includes fans of trendy parties, head to Berlin where you can enjoy the best beers on the city’s rooftops. Between the wild parties to the rhythm of today’s most listened-to music and the best drinks at the open bar, experience the unique nightlife in the German capital.

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