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Ibiza is known as the world capital of parties and nightclubs. It is also nicknamed the island that never sleeps. However, beyond the nights with the world’s leading DJs and pool parties, Ibiza has another side that may interest businesses. Indeed, the old town of Ibiza, Dalt Vila, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Similarly, the hinterlands or the famous rock of Es Vedra provide a magnificent setting for a team building in Ibiza. Discover 5 team building activity proposals to enjoy under the Balearic sun.

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Exploration of the Cueva de la Luz

If you’re looking for an idea for your offsite in Ibiza, why not include exploring the Cueva de la Luz, the “cave of light,” in the activity program? It involves diving to discover underwater caves that are undoubtedly the most impressive in the Balearic Islands. They are located on the north coast of Ibiza. Your team members can choose to descend by rappelling into the cave or swim to the entrance. However, the first option is reserved for the bravest. In any case, they will be equipped for the occasion to ensure their safety. Once inside the cave, they will be dazzled by the spectacle before them. Thanks to the exceptional luminosity, the walls are tinted with a thousand colors while the water offers incredible reflections. They can then explore the dozens of galleries, admire the stalactites and stalagmites, discover clear-watered inland lakes, or even fine sandbanks.

2. Cliff Jumping

An offsite in Ibiza is an opportunity for your team members to get an adrenaline rush and push their limits. With this in mind, you can organize for them a thrilling activity on the rugged coast of Majorca. This activity combines vertiginous dives, rappelling, and swimming on the northern coast of the island. Under the supervision of experienced guides, participants will be equipped with helmets, diving suits, and life jackets. They will also receive safety instructions from the professionals. Then, they can rappel down the cliffs to find a platform and jump into the sea below. They can even choose from several natural diving boards of varying heights between 2 and 12 meters. A guaranteed adrenaline boost! After this daring leap, they can still explore the sea caves nestled in the rocky walls. This mix of sensations is perfect for strengthening the bonds between your employees.

3. Crafting Las Hierbas

Staying in a paradisiacal setting like Ibiza also means stepping off the beaten path and away from clichés. Here is a truly extraordinary team building activity in Ibiza that allows participants to meet the local population and learn how to craft Las Hierbas, the famous local digestive liquor. For this, they will be hosted by a local producer whom they will accompany into the surrounding countryside to select the herbs needed for the beverage. It’s an opportunity for them to admire the landscape and bond with each other. At the same time, their host will explain the virtues and aromas of each plant. Finally, it’s time to prepare the personalized blend under the watchful eye of the master of the house. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and everyone can choose the herbs they want to use for their beverage. At the end of the workshop, they can even take their bottle of Hierbas home, which must be left to ferment for 3 months before tasting.

Flying over a turquoise sea

Without a doubt, Ibiza is a land of adventure and it is normal for participants in a team building in Ibiza to have their share of thrills. We’re talking about parasailing on Es Canar Beach, on the northeast coast of the island. Participants will have to group in twos or threes and will be attached to a large sail before being pulled by a speedboat. With the wind, they will rise into the sky and enjoy a fabulous landscape. Moreover, this activity offers a sense of freedom that is hard to explain. Such an experience can only strengthen the bonds between your employees.

5. A treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is one of the essential activities for team building. It also has a particular flavor under the Ibiza sun, in the small villages inland or within Dalt Vila, the old town. Whether on foot, by mountain bike, or kayak, participants in the team building in Ibiza will have to overcome challenges and solve puzzles in this unique setting to win. Depending on the number of participants and the challenges, this activity can be completed in less than half a day. Both dynamic and fun, it stimulates team spirit and encourages surpassing oneself, all while admiring the beauty of Dalt Vila, its walls, and its 16th-century cathedral. To finish in style, it is advisable to plan an arrival at the top. This will reward your collaborators with a breathtaking view of the harbor and the city. Contrary to popular belief, a team building in Ibiza is not limited to touring the island’s bars and nightclubs. It is entirely possible to organize a team building that promotes team cohesion, highlights team spirit, invites overcoming, or pushing limits. Besides these activities, organizers can also propose bird watching in Ibiza’s salt pans, a karting race around Santa Eulalia, an encounter with dolphins offshore, or even a tapas rally.

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