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Employees spend a significant part of their time at work (up to 40 hours a week). When routine sets in, productivity decreases, and absenteeism rates go up. Team building is an increasingly common activity that has proven effective in breaking the daily monotony, strengthening team cohesion, and motivating employees. However, to optimize the return on investment, it is essential to organize a unique team building activity that aligns with the company’s goals. Discover our top 5 best activities to do in Annecy.

Team building à Annecy

Cycling hikes: to roam the streets in Annecy

Cycling is an accessible physical activity for everyone. To motivate your team, strengthen bonds, and teach them teamwork, you can organize a cycling tour in Annecy. The advantage is that everyone can enjoy the benefits of an outdoor activity that is both fun and exciting, away from desks and screens. Your employees will have the opportunity to move around a bit to burn calories and explore the city’s alleys. A sports escape is not only beneficial for your employees’ health but also for their morale. Depending on your goals, you can cycle on different types of terrain. To reduce effort, opt for electric mountain bikes. This is an economical and ecological solution. Through magnificent landscapes, enjoy a full day to recharge and fight against stress and pressure. The ride also contributes to the personal development of employees. Practicing sports together is an excellent way to strengthen cohesion and energize the group. Together, your employees can make new discoveries and admire the beauty of the city.

2. Climbing: for thrilling moments!

To help your team exceed their limits, you can also turn to a thrilling team building activity in Annecy: climbing. Moreover, it is not necessarily required to be a veteran athlete to participate since professionals offer levels that can adapt to all profiles. Indeed, training is provided by instructors before the start of the activity to learn the basic rules. A day of team climbing is more like a challenge to overcome. It is also an excellent way to strengthen group cohesion, promote teamwork, and increase conviviality. Climbing also requires concentration, analytical and discerning mind, and especially self-transcendence to reach the summit. No matter the chosen package, normally everything is included in the price: clothing, climbing equipment, snacks, beverages…

3. Escape game: an original game for all ages!

The escape game or escape room is among the most popular and entertaining team building activities. It’s a strategy game available in various formats to meet all expectations. Indeed, a company can imagine all kinds of universes according to themes: horror, magical countries, adventure, science fiction… The principle is to solve puzzles in an enclosed space or an external location (truck, forest, village, etc.) or to escape within a limited time in a realistic setting. Therefore, employees must work together to achieve a shared goal. It’s also necessary to distribute tasks and actions to save time. Each participant must be able to communicate effectively and follow the rules. The escape game also requires good organization and strong cohesion. Playing an escape game indeed helps break the ice among employees. That’s why, at the end of the game, bonds are strengthened and conflicts disappear. For a successful team building in Annecy, choose a room that aligns with your company’s values and themes that match your objectives.

4. The cooking workshop: to learn about local cuisine

A culinary team building event in Annecy can also help create bonds among your coworkers. This type of offsite aims to improve work and team cohesion. In the context of a fun cooking workshop, you have the choice between different types of activities: - cooking challenge - cooking classes - blind tasting and many more

During a whole day or a weekend, members can participate in a friendly event with a clearly defined objective in advance. During a cooking workshop, your coworkers can share good meals, including local specialties such as refined wines, cocktails, chocolates… In the case of a cooking class, it’s possible to have one’s specialties tasted by the rest of the team during a friendly and warm meal. Who knows, there might be hidden talents within your group. Team cooking is a form of challenge where participants are divided into several teams. It’s necessary to cook a particular dish. Then there will be a tasting in front of a jury. The team that managed to surprise the gastronomy experts wins the challenge. You can opt for the gourmet walk, which consists of discovering local products throughout the city or countryside. The goal is to perform a group tasting.

  1. The Olympics: an exceptional challenge!

The Olympics offer different levels of challenges in nature, including physical challenges. Everyone’s contribution is important in the team to win. Everyone has fun and moves in a friendly and playful atmosphere during a multi-activity team building, which helps to strengthen bonds. Self-improvement, performance, and collective intelligence are the key words for success. Among the most common challenges are: - javelin throw - four-legged skiing - quiz - treasure hunts - musical challenges - shot put - discus throw - triathlon - centipede

A reward is offered for each victory. The team that has won the most trophies wins! The day usually ends with a cocktail or a snack. The Olympics improve dialogue among coworkers and develop team spirit. The challenges also allow learning more about each other and stress relief. Employees can also enjoy good times outside the usual setting, which is good for morale. And above all, group activities increase the sense of belonging and create positive energy within the company.

How to succeed in a team building in Annecy?

Team building is an effective tool for sharing corporate values and fostering connections among colleagues. However, there are several factors to consider to achieve the set goals. First, select an activity that aligns with the objective: boosting motivation, improving group cohesion, etc. Then, choose a location different from the usual workplace. This way, participants will feel more comfortable and open. An unusual place, for example, is ideal for thrilling activities. Moreover, it’s wise to mix the teams for optimal results. For this, group together individuals who are not used to working with each other to help them learn to know and trust each other. Then add complementary profiles to balance the groups. Be careful! The activities should be accessible to all participants to prevent any groups from feeling excluded from the program.

Team building à Annecy

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