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Creating or strengthening social bonds among collaborators is one thing, improving or enhancing communication among them is another. Any team building activity aims to strengthen positive relationships between individuals. However, the choice must be specifically relevant for fostering internal communication.

team building communication

Top 5 activities to improve team communication

There is a good list of group games, activities, and team sports to enhance your team’s communication skills during a team-building event. We have listed some of them.

Charades to learn how to express and exchange ideas

Charades are a classic among team building fun activities. They primarily offer the advantage of being easy to organize. Charades are suitable for stimulating a taste for intercommunication. They require discernment and some effort in ideation. Besides the collaborative aspect and the creative exercise it entails, charades also enhance the development of social communication within the company. The game’s principle is as follows: find a word based on a definition given for each of its syllables. For example: my first is a domestic feline, my second means “not much”, my third is a linking verb, my whole is a headgear manufacturer. The word is “hatter”. Regarding the game’s organization: 2 groups of fewer than 11 people compete. Each team designates 1 representative to whom the opposing team gives a word to guess. Generally, each team has less than one minute to guess the word. However, it’s also possible to adjust the time according to the difficulty level.

The "perfect square" to communicate a need for cohesion

This game involves forming a square using a rope. Teams of more than 4 players start by forming a tight circle. All team members are also blindfolded. The rope is then passed from one person to another; the group must find a way to form a perfect square. And to complicate matters in a burst of laughter: the gestures must be done within a tight timing! This game also has the advantage of being simple to organize and entirely fun. But above all, each team member must test their listening and communication skills, to properly position themselves in the circle and find their place in a square. Everyone must speak clearly and display discernment, or even intuition, to form the perfect geometric shape as a team. In this game, the keywords are: communication, collaboration, and organization.

3. The popular Escape Game: a team communication exercise

A concept that has now aged, the escape game remains a unique experience for many. Organized under various themes (crime drama, mystery, science fiction, etc.), this activity presents some challenges in its organization. It requires creativity and some material resources. But today, there is a good range of agencies offering escape room sites of all kinds. In any case, an escape game has the advantage of testing the collaborative spirit in a challenging environment. It encourages communication between each member and team, while fostering cooperation and mutual trust. It is a quite engaging game, since the minimum duration is 2 hours. If you have several teams, plan for the whole afternoon, or multiple rooms!

Team cooking to promote mutual help and exchange

Nothing brings people together quite like conversations around an impromptu bar. However, while cocktails and appetizers have their place in a team building, the concept can be deepened by getting the entire team involved in cooking! This will undoubtedly be an opportunity for a large majority of the staff to learn some recipes or even the basics of cooking. You can start with a theme such as French gastronomy, Italian or Chinese dishes, or exotic seafood recipes… Cooking is an interesting activity because it leads to:

  • teamwork during preparations,
  • exchanges in the execution of recipes, knowing that everyone can have their approach in terms of preparation, cooking, presentation…
  • constructive criticism and discussions at the time of tasting.

Team sports for greater cohesion

Several team sports can be incorporated into a corporate retreat. Some are more ideal for enhancing communication, such as basketball or soccer. During the games, each member is encouraged to use non-verbal cues or speech, among other methods, to communicate an intention, a call, or a strategy. Each formed team can even create game tactics and work to implement them through previously agreed-upon techniques. There are also less common team sports, such as survival courses in the woods or mountains, laser tag, etc. Activities that border on military operations, within the context of a boot camp or obstacle course, can also be tackled. These are essentially sports games in nature or indoors. The benefit of such team sports is to put your staff in situations where collaboration and communication are essential. The idea remains to strengthen cohesion and mutual listening.

An excellent mix of team building activities to perfect your internal communication

Whenever you feel that your staff or team lacks cohesion, consider this set of activities. It will bring them closer and straighten out their relationships. Start with kitchen preparations to begin the day, followed by charades or the perfect square to pass the time. Continue with a small basketball tournament or a stint in an escape room. And finish with a round of beers for the road!

team building communication

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