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Considering a team building in Italy? In this article, we’ve collected 10 unique and motivational team building ideas in this Southwest European country. Choose the ones that perfectly meet your goals, whether it’s to unite your team or to motivate them. Generally, we favor group activities to facilitate achieving your objectives.

Séminaire et team building à Rome

Top 5 Activities for Your Trip to Italy

Top 1: Cuddling Cats

Do your employees love cats? Luckily, you can find a café in Rome where it’s possible to cuddle with cats while enjoying delicious meals. At Romeow, you can de-stress together by cuddling cats. Cuddling a cat has the power to reduce your stress in just a few minutes. There’s nothing better than getting together, cuddling cats, and enhancing communication. This unique team-building activity in Italy is currently very popular. Enjoy this activity together from early in the morning to make the day more productive. Your team will leave on a good note after visiting Romeow.

Top 2: Enroll in Gladiator School

The team building in Italy can also be geared towards combat training. If this interests you, your team can indeed enroll in a gladiator school. Everyone will be able to take combat training courses. At the end of the course, your company’s employees will know at least one style of combat. They can then move on to a simple competition. An activity that allows overcoming the limits your employees set for themselves and also improves your team’s stress management.

Top 3: Learning to Make Glasses

If your team is going to Venice, don’t miss out on the glassmaking classes in Cannaregio. The classes are taught by Massimiliano Caldarone. The classes can be done as a team. A group activity where colleagues can interact while gaining new knowledge. This team building activity in Italy is also very popular among tourists.

Top 4: Riding a Vespa through the Italian streets

You have surely already noticed in Italian movies that the streets of Italy are adorned with Vespas. Yes! Italians are accustomed to riding Vespas. Very practical and also vintage, you and your team can also ride Vespas to discover the country’s narrow streets. You can also organize a short Vespa tour to explore areas a bit far from the capital.

Top 5: Learning to Prepare Classic Italian Dishes

Italy is renowned for its variety of dishes that are famous worldwide, such as pizza, lasagna, spaghetti Carbonara, risotto, etc. Instead of waiting in line at Italian restaurants, as a team, learn how to cook these popular dishes. You can hire chefs who will teach your team everything necessary, for instance, how to prepare risotto. In addition to preparing and working together, you will also enjoy eating together. During this corporate retreat activity, you will develop a team spirit that will make teamwork effective. It will also strengthen the internal solidarity of your team.

Top 5 Must-Visit Places in Italy

Top 1: the Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is located in the northern part of Italy. It comprises 5 villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. They are built on the sides of cliffs, which is undoubtedly what makes them unique. With your team, don’t miss this destination to enjoy the originality of the brightly colored houses, to savor generous Italian cuisine, to take in panoramic views, and to enjoy sea tours. Together, you will have a relaxing time to recharge away from daily life. The visit can be done by train or through hiking.

Top 2: The Ruins of Pompeii

Located on the west coast of Italy, specifically in Campania, the ruins of Pompeii are among the most visited archaeological sites in Italy. This visit is one of the types of educational team building activities aimed at enhancing employees’ knowledge. Here, it serves to strengthen general culture. The ruins of Pompeii are the remnants from the volcanic eruption in 1979 that affected this Roman city.

Top 3: Rome and Its Tourist Attractions

Rome, the capital of Italy, is undoubtedly a place that must be visited with family, friends, significant others, and also among colleagues. Rich in history, this city is now considered the most beautiful destination in the world. While you are there, visit the Colosseum, which is 52 meters tall. Also, explore the Pantheon, the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, and Castel Sant’Angelo. The list is lengthy for your employees to make a great discovery during your team retreat in Italy.

Top 4: the Aeolian Islands in Sicily

Located in the north of Sicily, the Aeolian Islands consist of 7 main islands. Lipari, Panarea, Vulcano, Stromboli, Filicudi, Salina, and Alicudi were considered the home of the god of the Winds. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these islands provide a breathtaking landscape. Your team could enjoy beaches with black sands, large hotels, and a warmly welcoming population.

Top 5: Venice with its popular bridges and canals

As the capital of the Veneto region, Venice is also a must-visit during your Italy corporate trip. Enjoy the romance of this city with its gondolas together. Although these are particularly loved by couples, your team can also have wonderful moments together on these small boats. Also, enjoy Venice’s unique cuisine. Over a good dish, your coworkers can fully enjoy this corporate trip in Italy. They will be able to exchange and, most importantly, improve their communication ways. With these 10 unique and incentive team building ideas in Italy that we have proposed, it is now up to you to choose those that perfectly suit the goals of your company or association. In any case, Italy provides an ideal setting for offering your coworkers a successful team building experience.

Séminaire et team building à Rome

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