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To ensure the primary goal of team building, which is to enhance the internal cohesion of the participating team, is achieved, it is important to carefully select the types of activities to engage in. Are you planning your team building in London, the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom? Do you want your corporate trip to be more than perfect? Discover in this article the unique activities you can enjoy in this city of over 8 million residents during your stay. Be assured that your team will not be bored in London.

team building à Londres

Top 10 Activities to Do in London

Taking a cruise on the Thames

The Thames is a river in southern England. It flows into the North Sea and stretches over 346 km. Visiting England without taking a cruise on this long river is unacceptable. With your colleagues, enjoy a kayak ride in pairs on the Thames. This challenge activity will encourage participants in the London team retreat to cooperate with each other and especially to strengthen their team spirit. Kayaking wouldn’t work unless each person on it uses their strength. The goal of the team retreat is achieved, and colleagues will be able to enjoy all the city’s attractions like the City Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, etc.

Showcase the talents of your team members at West End

During a team building in London, you can also unveil the creative profiles of your team. This can be done by visiting the West End. It’s a part of the city where theater is prominent. Your team could enjoy musical theaters, world musicals before experimenting together in creating a theater show. With the guidance of professionals, they could create songs and choreographies. An opportunity to strengthen communication for a tangible result, a musical.

3- Experience the Jacuzzi cinema at Hot Tub Cinema

Share a unique moment together to develop your team’s cohesion spirit. Experience open-air cinema on a rooftop and all from a bubbling jacuzzi. What could be better than watching a movie together, cocktail in hand? This London concept is among the most unusual activities during a team building in London. Employees will be relaxed and also enjoy the best panoramic view of the city. A perfect moment to recharge away from the daily routine.

4- Visit the Leake Street Tunnel, the underground graffiti tunnel

Leake Street Tunnel or Banksy Tunnel is located behind Waterloo Station. This underground tunnel is adorned with graffiti, and furthermore, you can also leave your own graffiti. With your colleagues during your team building in London, take this opportunity to let yourselves be carried away with drawing on this tunnel that spans over 300 meters. This activity calls for everyone’s creativity. Also, remember to capture photos together with street art as a background.

Prioritize team challenges at Clue Adventures

Located in East London, at Mile End, Clue Adventures is an escape game maze. This activity requires teamwork to solve puzzles and emerge victorious. It’s an opportunity for team members to foster a spirit of competition and teamwork. The goal is to lead your team to victory. This team spirit makes teamwork more effective. Such activities also strengthen your team’s internal solidarity.

6- Exploring Epping Forest

Epping Forest is a 2,630-hectare forest in London. This park offers various activities such as guided tours, camping, and open-air theater. It is a place rich in history where it is possible to engage in educational team building. Your employees strengthen their knowledge while enjoying the discovery of the park and its various activities.

Drinking tea

Going to England without trying the various English teas is almost impossible. With several places offering tea in London, you just need to make the right choice. For instance, you can visit Sketch or Hotel Cafe Royal. This activity enhances internal communication, also fosters informal exchanges among the participants. And of course, drinking tea allows for a moment of relaxation. Favor this activity after a long day of exploration. You’ll find that tea soothes everyone’s fatigue.

8- Visit the Tower of London and Tower Bridge

The Tower of London and Tower Bridge are located side by side. Begin with a visit to the Tower of London before moving on to Tower Bridge. This activity ranks among the discoveries during your team building in London. By visiting the Tower of London, your team will learn about the greatest political intrigues in English history. Together, you will discover the Crown Jewels, the White Tower, the medieval palace, the Ravens, and much more. Then, proceed to Tower Bridge, which is London’s most beautiful bridge allowing motor vehicles to cross the Thames. As it is a drawbridge, be cautious. Those who are afraid of heights should not cross it. However, it’s also a challenging activity.

9- Having fun at Ballie Ballerson

During your team building in London, make sure to have fun at Ballie Ballerson. It’s a bar with a giant ball pit, a place where all employees can relax and rediscover their inner child. Open since 2016, this club bar allows adults to enjoy themselves with over 200,000 balls while listening to great music. Your colleagues can also participate in games to further strengthen team spirit.

Visit London Roller Disco for an evening of roller skating.

Have you ever tried dancing in a nightclub on roller skates? It seems impossible and very unusual, but in London, it’s possible. Just go to London Roller disco. In addition to relaxing and releasing all your stress on the dance floor, you will also be engaging in a kind of sport. The whole team will get a physical workout and promote self-improvement.

team building à Londres

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